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Movie Review of “Drag me to Hell”

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Dirrector Sam Raimi deals with an old and hackneyed horror plot in the movie Drag Me To Hell.

This is a low budget film after the Spider-Man series costing a fortune. The movie is filled with ancient plots of premonitions and curses enacted in the life of a modern banker who fails to help an old woman in following her duty.  The movie is overdosed with the hauntings of the lead role played by Alison Lohman who plays Christine, loan officer for an American bank.

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Movie Review of “Drag me to Hell”
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The phlegms and maggots images bugging her resurrect archaic horror movies reminiscent of his 1981 movie The Evil Dead.

Her visit to a fortune-reller constitutes the best movie shot showcases direcetor’s skill in balancing the process shots and marketing needs of the movie.The movie plot is relevant to people who resort to unscrupulous and profligate money making ways as it is itself to the director coming back to a low budget fil after the series of overspending in the superhero sequels.

Drag Me to Hell with rated PG-!3, with images of flies feats, phlegms, fisticuffs and embalming fluids appers retro in a time when the horror is defined by acts of sadism rather than these archaic techniques. Hastily made, without much attention to detai, the movie is however more jolting than an average PG-13 movie.

Dealing with Christine, played by Alison Lohman, who fails to give mortgage extension to an old woman so that she could impress upon her boss for a promotion, the movies deals wit her travails as she is cursed by the old woman. The early images of hauntings appear too cartoonish than haunting. The movie struts along as if in comic book frames and the flies and slimes from Christine’s mouth appear icky but never punitive of a curse. The director could have done better coming as it does from the maker of Darkman and Spider-Man sequels where he had wonderfully juxtaposed the human and the fantastic.

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