Drug Abuse in Malaysia

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Drugs is a type of substance which can be medicinal, intoxicating, or used to improve performance and can also have other effects when taken by any individual or also animal. Drugs are viewed differently from every culture. Some views it as a healing ingredient while some might take it as normal food intake. Drugs molecules are complex and it mainly consist of hydrogen and carbon atoms, oxygen atoms, nitrogen atoms

Recreational drugs generally is that an individual can use medications recreationally or otherwise along with reduced or even eliminated probability of negatively affecting other elements of one’s living or other people’s lives. Advocates of this beliefs point to the countless well-known artists and also intellectuals who have utilised drugs, experimentally you aren’t, with few detrimental outcomes on their lifestyles. Responsible substance abuse becomes drug use only when the use of the chemical significantly disrupts the user’s daily life. . Example of recreational drugs are alcohol, nicotine and caffeine.

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Drugs addiction is something any human can be vulnerable. Addicts are constantly denying over the fact how miserable is it making their life. Addicts usually will say they won’t be taking it for long time but then people can’t really stick with their words. Drugs changes people in a lot of ways in terms of behavior. The pleasure feeling an addict gets from drugs causes them to repeat the habit of taking it even more.

In Malaysia its said that there are more than 300,000 registered drug addicts with National Drug Agency. However, there are some research that suggest there are three or four times more than the number that are not registered with National Drug Agency for time being. With that, it is said that almost 4% of the population in Malaysia are drug addicts.

There are few famous or common drug substance that are mostly used by these addicts such as Marijuana (Ganja), Opiates (Heroin/Candu), hallucinogens (LSD/Cocaine), Amphetamine (pep pills, ecstasy), Inhalents (glue and gum


According to studies there are many reasons as to why people abuse drugs usage. One of it is because of anxiety. This refers to people who have nervousness, fear, apprehension and worry too much. People who go through this usually will be doing through a lot of challenges and worry of the consequences for instance a student worrying about exams, a fresh graduate worrying about unemployment, or a Father worrying about house income. Generally, anxiety occurs when a normal reaction didn’t occur on the person from a situation.

Another reason would be because of stress. For instance, people in the city are always in stress starting from early in the morning when they are rushing to go to work while stuck in the traffic and with the workload and coming back in the same massive traffic. A city lifestyle at times can be hard to cope with. Thus leads to drugs abuse.

Power needs also causes people to abuse drugs. Generally, this is referring to body builders who needs massive amount of energy to work out. Mainly these people uses steroids that are not prescribed to them. The damage is severe such as inhibition of natural hormones, liver damage, cholesterol, Gynocomastia (development of breast tissue in males), baldness, prostate enlargement, high blood pressure, kidney problems, immune system changes, excessive body hair.

Most common among youngsters is the curiosity to try something new that leads to drugs abuse. It is also believed that youngsters are using drugs since high school itself. Its also said that reason for that will be the same as smoking cigarrete simply their curiosity.

On the environmental factor, peer pressure is known as one of the main reason for both adults and teenager’s drug abuse. Peer pressure basically means that one group of people encouraging an individual to change their behavior or attitude in order to be part of the group. In addition, educational disturbance is said to be the main reason for college students for drug

abuse.Not only in Malaysia, but in the entire world there are rock concerts held and the location is used as a place for drugs usage such as weeds, heroines, and ecstasy. Despite a lot of security, these people still able to get their substance supply in the building as they find new ways of bringing it in.

There are studies that shows that the number of drug abuse in Malaysia is increasing rapidly. Previous Prime Minister Tun Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi launched a program to ensure Malaysia will be a drug free country by 2015. However, with the way things are going on it doesn’t seem like it will be achievable. One main reason for that will be the Anti-Drugs campaign that was done by the government has gotten stale and needs a refreshment. They need to re-launch the program with enhancement and more approachable method targeting the youngsters especially teenagers who are probably most vulnerable for this inappropriate activity.

People need to be more aware of the damage coming from this behavior. People need to be educated how this may affect the country on a long term. If people are not aware about it, we can’t expect people to participate in the act to go against drug abuse.

Police manpower should be increased and the Narcotics should be more enforced than ever. Thus, creating new job opportunity for Malaysians and at the same time it is another approach to deal with drug abuse.

Last but not least, the best way in this era to deal with this issue will be usage of social media and the entertainment industry. Youngsters often get influenced by what they see on television or movies. With that, we can actually use the same social media and entertainment industry to spread the word and conquer the issue and at the same time bringing more awareness about it. With social network sites like Twitter and Facebook, it can also be utilised as a tool to convey the message and a new version of the anti-drugs campaign.


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