Drug Abuse In Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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Background Study

Drug maltreatment is a cause of concern to all states around the universe either in developing states and undeveloped states and in both instances the most affected are the young person, . Due to the rapid addition in drug related offense and drug maltreaters in Asiatic states, the constitution of effectual countermeasures for demand and supply decrease are a urgent issue. And if they are all left out to be addicted to unsafe narcotics, it can take to all societal ailments like route accidents, high offense rates, unplanned gestations, school dropouts and many more which may ensue in fracturing the moral fiber of the state and finally the state will be without outstanding hereafter leaders. The maltreatment of drugs has an inauspicious impact, non merely on the single maltreater, but besides on the economic system and society of a state as a whole.

Harmonizing to Scorzelli JF, ( 2009 ) despite the heavy penalty of decease imposed by the Malayan authorities for whoever is caught in drug ownership, within the last five old ages, the Malayan drug maltreatment job has escalated. This has led to the addition in societal ailments like HIV/AIDS which is contracted by the usage of IV-Heroin. He continued to province that 93.7 % of people caught in drug ownership are male aged between 20-29 old ages of age. This clearly shows that our young person are in desperate demand of thorough drug and equal instruction.

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The National Anti-Drug Agency has been on path to acquire rid of the drug job in Malaya by 2015. When interviewed by the New Straits Times ( 2010, February ) the director-general Datuk Abdul Bakir Zin has pointed out that they have helped out around the state to convey nuts to their rehabilitation Centre. He has said that the Centre spends around RM 300 million which is their one-year budget which is about spent on bar, intervention, rehabilitation of nuts and enforcement operations. Addicts are kept for two old ages and they are released but some of them go back to their bad wonts.

Statement of the Problem

Drug maltreatment has led to an dismaying addition of societal ailments in the society like HIV/AIDS contraction, route accidents and many more which have resulted in the prostration of the moral fiber of the state. The medical and psychological effects are really obvious. Addicts can non work as normal members of society. They neglect or abuse their households, and finally necessitate expensive intervention or hospitalization. Huge police resources are needed to contend smuggling and covering. Condemnable packs and Mafia underworlds develop with the money from drugs.A . However the chief mark should be the user. Families and counselors need to speak to kids and people at hazard. The fact that the young person is the most affected particularly in Malaysia poses a great concern because the young person are “ the hereafter leaders of tomorrow ” .

Objectives of the Study

The specific survey of the survey is to happen ways and methods to educate the people of Malaysia particularly the young person about the dangers posed by the maltreatment of drugs. This inaugural itself can take to positive consequences such as decreased figure of drug maltreaters hence taking to a low Numberss of societal ailments such as HIV contractions and offense. There should be a recreation programme for drug maltreaters which can be institutional or community based.



In the literature reappraisal we compare and contrast surveies done by other people and we note how different they are from ours. We have read diaries, books and articles in Science Direct. In this chapter we are able to spread out our cognition on how other authors view the issue at manus. We have displayed assorted ways of the information we found, either by mentioning utilizing the APA format, images and tabular arraies.

 Literature Review

By the twelvemonth 1983, the job of drugs was declared a national exigency by the Malayan authorities. Everyone convicted of trafficking and those caught with the drugs depending on the sum of drugs they had in their ownership were sentenced to decease, those were some of the ways the authorities was seeking to work out the job but if person was convicted of merely for ownership of drugs he/she was put in a rehabilitation Centre for 2 old ages. Once realised from the Centre, the person has one twelvemonth of probation were he or she has two urine trials a month.

Drug, taken from Cambridge Dictionaries Online, falls into two classs which are medicine and illegal substance. In the medical specialty class, the word drug means any natural or unnaturally made chemical which is used as a medical specialty while in the class of illegal substance, drug means any natural or unnaturally made chemical which is taken for pleasance, to better person ‘s public presentation of an activity, or because a individual can non halt utilizing it. The latter significances really portraying the chief involvement in this survey which is the action of drug maltreatment, which by the same beginning, maltreatment agencies to utilize or handle person or something wrongly or severely, particularly in a manner that is to your ain advantage.

This unhealthy phenomenon is really a world-wide crisis and can convey along a great impact in one ‘s life, accordingly a community, and so will impact the growing of a state. Some said that this crisis is the same age as world. It is in our nature that we like to devour things that bring us pleasance and being in the province of euphory. However, we must foremost see the side effects of the ingestion of such substances. There was tremendous figure of researches that had been carried out in order to stamp down or ostracize this crisis all over the universe. There are ups and downs for the tendencies of the drug maltreatment instances but it had ne’er been ceased wholly.

Kuala Lumpur as a busy topographic point, most of the dwellers need drugs to get by with the fast life. These drugs can be habit-forming substances such as heroine, intoxicant, and ecstasy pills. The research by the Malaysian Psychiatric Association ( 2006 ) , showed that the encephalon is affected by the consumed drugs. The left portion of the encephalon is affected is called the wages tract. Continued usage of drugs short-circuits the wages tract and that how dependence starts. The encephalon will so necessitate more and more big measures of the substance taken over clip. The encephalon chemical science is altered at this point, hence behavioral forms starts here.

Drugs like cocaine can take to lasting harm, decease and even add-on. From the article adapted from “ RECOVERY NOW ” web site on cocaine effects, it is stated that there are two different classs of cocaine consequence. These effects are said to be long termed and short termed.Regardless of how many times a individual uses cocaine even one time! heshe experiences short-run cocaine effects which includes increased blood force per unit area, mental watchfulness, increased bosom rate, decreased appetency and increased organic structure temperature.The long term effects appear after increased periods of usage. Long term effects include crossness, temper perturbations and restlessness.

In an dependence province a individual engages in a compulsive behavior, even when faced with disputing life state of affairss. Taking a expression at the fast life in Kuala Lumpur a batch of challenges are faced by the young person at that place, these include unemployment, loss of a loved one or poorness. These state of affairss can do you to overly utilize drugs to stamp down such hurt felt within.

The National Anti-Drug Agency ( New Straits 12 February 2010 ) has used over RM 300 million yearly to forestall, dainty, and rehabilitate nuts. They are seeking to accomplish the end for a drug-free Malaya in 2015 and drug-free Malayan schools in 2012. The manager of the bureau Datuk Abdul Bakir Zin has mentioned that there is an dismaying rate of drug maltreaters on the addition. The bureau successfully rehabilitated 11 395 nuts in 2009 but merely 51 % of the nuts are clean now. That shows that the drug nuts do non hold enough out of rehab instruction.

B.Vicknasigngam, M.Mazlan, K.S Schotchfield, M.C Chawaski ( 2009 ) , stated that diacetylmorphine and injection drug are the major public wellness hazard instances recorded in Malaysia. Furthermore they continue to province from their findings, between the twelvemonth 1998 and 2006 persons near to 300 000 persons were registered as relentless drug maltreaters in Malaysia. In between the old ages 1998-2006 diacetylmorphine was the chief primary drug abused around 62.6 % of those were registered. And this caused a chief concern for the Malayan authorities as it lead to increase in societal ailments like route accidents and besides the rise in HIV contraction as the drug maltreaters shared the same needle hence the spread of the virus was induced.

Despite the Malaysian strict jurisprudence on usage of illegal drugs people still continue to utilize the illegal drugs and hold even gone to an extent of doing it into a concern to finance their life style.The jurisprudence clearly states that any individual found in ownership of at least 15 gms of diacetylmorphine,200 gm of hemp is presumed. The National Drug Agency, Malaysia in 2006 around 22,811 drugs users was recorded and 12,430 of whom were repeat wrongdoers. They besides stress that the entire figure of drug users recorded for the period of 1998-2006 is 300,241 people which constitutes to 1.1 % of the Malaysian ‘s population.



The debut highlights the informations aggregation methods which were used to garner information which enabled us to make our decision. One of the critical facets we looked into was the cogency and dependability of the informations aggregation methods that we decided to utilize.

In our research we found that the ideal informations aggregation methods that we can utilize are the questionnaire and interview for analysis

Questionnaires are really cost effectual when compared to face-to-face interviews. This is particularly true for surveies affecting big sample sizes and big geographic countries. Written questionnaires go even more cost effectual as the figure of research inquiries increases. Questionnaires are easy to analyse. Data entry and tabular matter for about all studies can be easy done with many computing machine package bundles. About everyone has had some experience finishing questionnaires and they by and large do non do people discerning and they cut down prejudice. The research worker ‘s ain sentiments will non act upon the respondent to reply inquiries in a certain mode. There are no verbal or ocular hints to act upon the respondent. When a respondent receives a questionnaire in the mail, he is free to finish the questionnaire on his ain time-table. Unlike other research methods, the respondent is non interrupted by the research instrument.

Some of the grounds why questionnaires are widely used as informations aggregation method in studies and undertakings in the fact that the responses are gathered in a standardized manner so inquiries are more nonsubjective, surely more so than interviews, by and large it is comparatively speedy to roll up information utilizing questionnaires and information can be collected from a big part of a group.

Interviews are besides one of the most convenient ways of informations aggregation for studies undertakings and probes as they provide first manus information from the letter writer. The interview is besides flexible in the since that follow up inquiries can be asked, besides lucidity of the inquiry can be made if the respondent does non understand. Even though it has overpowering advantages one of its major jobs possibly that the letter writer may experience like shy to give out information and in that instance the interviewer can work out the job by guaranting the letter writer that whatever he/she is being interviewed for will be considered confidential at all costs. For our research, interviews were conducted with the relevant agencies/organizations. First we set an assignment with them and informing them of our aims.

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