Federal Government Closings

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E-government is a short form of electronic government, that also known as e-gob, internet government, digital government, online government or connected government. It consists of the digital interactions between a government and citizens, government and business, government and employees, government and governments, as well as citizen interaction with their government. Technology has changing the future trends, technology can help people done what people cannot do.

Technology is a tool cannot be short by people; therefore e-government is a project using the technology to replace the original government. But the problem is process a-government has to consider a lot of situation and using a lot of expense. When e- government is success, the advantage is to provide public service to citizens in an efficient and cost effective manner. E-government is an easy way for the public to be more involved in political campaigns.

It can increase vote awareness and increase he number of citizen participation in election. The disadvantage is lack of equality in public access to the internet and reliability of information on the web. Once a government begins to develop and become more stable, citizens will be force to interact electronically with the government on a large scale. For accounting impact, many people working at e-government can be replacing by e-government. This situation can decrease the expense for paying wages.

As for training fees for employee deduct from their wages, when their finish can provide the certificate and increase their salary. E-government fees they can Include to the government tax pay by citizens, but for this movement they have to provide the free Internet to citizens and security area must be Improve. This project cannot be a short-run, when develop this project already use a few years to finish. For long-run, technology Is a tool cannot be missing; therefore e-government Is project will be success In the future.

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