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We are populating in the century of the technological advancement seeking to open all new and unknown, each twenty-four hours brings us new thoughts, each month brings us new technological solutions, people go strait in development new invents and do non look back, do non halt, make non believe of the act All they think about is doing their life more convenient for them self. That is why the rich person forgotten one of the most valuable things the environment. You see we are populating in the mutualism with nature and we strongly depend on it. I will seek to state in my research work about its jobs in my native metropolis Moscow.

It was founded in1147by Jury Dolgoruky. During its history it was approximately all developed, and became more beautiful. Now it is one of the largest metropoliss in the universe with the population more than 9 000 000 of people. It is obvious, that in Moscow there are environmental jobs as radioactive pollution, toxic pollution, air pollution, merely like in other metropoliss. In my research work I shall seek to run into you with the ecology of Moscow. And I will besides state you my point of position on it.

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All figures and informations given in my work nowadays as it was taken from the official site of Moscow disposal.

Pollution of Moscow Environment

Air pollution

The chief job of Moscow is the pollution of air. Each twelvemonth atmosphere gets 1.8 million dozenss of harmful substances 90 % from them is due to drive conveyance, and it is really clean because in my native metropolis 35 % of cars are more than 10 old ages old. There motors have fulfilled there term. 94 % of all machines are non equipped with particular filters to protect environment from harmful gases.

The figure of cars in Moscow is turning from twelvemonth to twelvemonth, and ecologists predict that in some old ages it will immerse in fume. Whether there is an issue from this state of affairs?

The Moscow authorities has developed the new plan. Harmonizing to it in Moscow new roads and high ways will be constricted. It should work out the job of conveyance circulation. On public conveyance there will be filters putted. And we will come to euro-1 euro-2 criterions. It is besides planned to develop the electric conveyance like monorail trains. In November of 2000 twelvemonth the plan Strategy of battle against motor conveyance emanations in Moscow was accepted by Moscow authorities. But of class the procedure will non go through rapidly.

Condition of Vegetations and Zoologies

A major constituent of urban terrain is the green massive ( Parkss, urban woods and gardens ) , birds and animate beings populating them. The verdure every bit good as the environmental system, supply comfort of life conditions for people in the metropolis, adjusts to definite bounds the gas composing of air and the grade of its pollution, climatic features of urban districts, reduces the influence of noise factor and is a beginning of aesthetic perceptual experience.

Urban Woods

In the district of Moscow there are non less than 36 wood letters. The largest forests massive of Moscow. In old portion of the metropolis, within the boundaries of the Moscow Circular rail route, kept merely two relevantly big forests monolithic: The status of woods as a whole can be described as disentangled, that first of all determined by the site of the metropolis bounds and, consequently, degree of techno familial tonss.

Kept within the Moscow boundary other natural constituents ( Moors and rivers ) are besides in a bad status, every bit good as woods they have undergone definite alterations as a consequence of consequence of the composite of anthropogenetic factors and have lost those or frogmans qualities and belongingss, feature for natural eco system. These natural constituents more than forests are subjecting to menace to a full debasement because of their unattended development.

The metropolis of Moscow includes green plantations Parkss ( urban specialized ) , territories and kids Parkss, squares and avenue. The horticulture of the streets takes the particular topographic point in betterment of an ecological status of the metropolis. The green plantations should put to death one more map protection of terrains of a lodging estate against a conveyance noise.


Since 1961 from a construction of a zoology of Moscow 23 sorts have vanished, foremost of all, by handiness in boundary lines of the metropolis big woods and park of letters, edge with woods and Parkss by a protective belt.

Thermal pollution

The analysis of thermic anomalousnesss has shown, that the countries with positive extremely and medium contrast by thermic anomalousnesss ( temperature rise above background more than 10 C ) are connected to industrial objects and intensive thermic escape from resistance of the H2O transporting communications.

Out semen of escape of fervent H2O from belowground H2O carryings of the communications, in peculiar, is the alteration of a temperature agenda of belowground Waterss.

Condition of wellness of the Moscow citizen

The ecological analyses have shown that 80 % of unwellnesss have arisen in a consequence of the bad ecological state of affairs in Moscow. Now yearss in large metropoliss oncology decease rate in age grade 40 old ages ; upper limit evaluation the rate of mortality additions in an age-grade of 80-90 old ages, the oncology decease rate of work forces in age after 45 old ages exceeds decease rate of the adult females in the same group in 2 times.

The most unfavourable state of affairs in the metropolis on a kids  morbidity was added up in cardinal, Eastern, Northwest and territory. The high degree of unwellnesss of respiratory variety meats is besides reiterated at that place.

Processing of waste merchandises

An of import job of a large metropolis is the recycling of waste. Who enjoy populating in shit? This job late began to acquire immense values because the development of his industry is accompanied by growing of industrial wastes, and it is non possible to dump all waste merchandises in one large pile, that is why this job has to be solved someway.

For that in Moscow particular mills were built. For illustration in 1998, mills on treating dust was advanced 423 000 dozenss of waste merchandises, buried 980 000 dozenss of waste merchandises. For treating waste we use advanced engineerings. The new mill in 9 000 dozenss per one twelvemonth, the mill in is constructed, but the degree of the processed waste is still really low. For illustration in 1998 at mills it was advanced 6 % of waste merchandises, 35 % were buried. Others sent to mopess of the Moscow country. In 1998 it was liquidated 13 000 instances of illegal mopess of the Moscow country.

As for me I can see that more and more mills are built and we are non traveling to drop in a pile of waste merchandises.

How can a contradiction between the technological advancement and ecology be solved?

My study research claimed that 100 % of Moscow citizen want there streets to be cleaned, but merely 29.8 % of them are ready to pay more revenue enhancements to cover with the job. Following job is that every 3rd individual in the street will through off different sort of litre merely in the street for different grounds. From that fact the decision is that we should non merely believe of cleaned streets, we must work on salvaging them cleaned. That is what we must learn our kids if we are non traveling to populate like hogs.

The following sort of pollution that we can easy experience on our ego is the air pollution.

It is non a new for any one that autos, which all we like, are the chief cause for it.

Some people say that we should better utilize bikes, non to foul the environment ; I advise them to populate in caves with out electricity and other technological comfortss, to protect the environment. But there are much more utile thoughts of salvaging our planet and there is one thing which sums them up: – The chief thought is that engineering must assist us to protect the environment which has already suffered from it. From that thought recycling mills were maid, different filters invented, people even started to contrive alternate sorts of fuel, which are about harm less to the planet, and at least we think so at the minute. There are even autos maid, which are working on new fuel elements, this is how we have called these sort of fuel.

Surely we will non be able to utilize these autos tomorrow and even in the following 10 old ages, that is why our authorities must go on working on pollution jobs in our state at existent clip, and we will hold to come to euro-3 criterion. We must besides utilize particular filters in our autos and other last developments in this country.

What do you believe must be done to do the ecological state of affairs of Moscow better?That is the inquiry which was told to people on line.

RESULTS ( 24 25march ) 2004.

Entire figure of people voted: 7178

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

To acquire the workss and mills out of the city- 2439 ( 36 % )

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

There must be much more green workss in the city- 1788 ( 24 % )

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

The traffic must be limited- 1463 ( 20 % )

: : : : : : : : : : : : :

We can make nil already- 939 ( 13 % )

: : : : : : : :

I do non know- 549 ( 7 % )










I think that it shows that 80 % of Moscow citizen are interested in doing our environment cleansing agent and that the chief things they are interested is the air pollution which was produced by the workss and mills out of the metropolis.

It shoes that people sees the job, but as I have already sad they do nil to work out It, that is why there must be rigorous authorities control on the pollution in large metropoliss like Moscow, authorities must besides believe of the recycling of the waste merchandises, and of class much more rigorous ecological Torahs must be maid. There must be even Particular Forces made to command the pollution in the streets and all these must be non on paper, but in the air we breathe, H2O we drink, and in the streets we are all walking through.

Our planet needs us every bit good as we need our planet.



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