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Each generation has something valuable to offer

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Every generation is known to embody different beliefs. Older generations believe deeply in their culture about how a man is the breadwinner and the woman is the housewife. However, in this generation, everyone is equal and has the freedom and the rights to do as they wish. The aged generations also believed strongly in religion by worshiping and praying. But, the current generation seems to be adapting atheism due to the development in knowledge and understanding of things better. My parents believe that staying home is a pleasant thing; however my generation assumes that having a social life is an important aspect.

Back in my parents’ days, social life existed in form of dinners and functions with other families. But these days’ people like to party and dance. Talking about freedom, parents always try to prevent kids from travelling and exploring new things. This generation finds exposure to new things a way to gain knowledge and experience such as: People these days like to visit various places to explore comparing to older generations that dedicated their life to one place.

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Each generation has something valuable to offer
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People change at a considerable rate over time, and this pattern continues as new ideas and generation approach.

Lifestyle has experienced a whole new level of technological advancements that has changed our daily lifestyle. Communication system has experienced a new transformation. A century ago, people used mail, telephones that took a fair amount of time to get the message through, but now things such as texting, social networking have made life very straightforward. Technology has advanced expeditiously that we can see each other from different parts of the world with devices such as a webcam. The idea of virtual life has been introduced with the invention of consoles such as the Ps3, Xbox. The world has developed so much with things such as the internet where you can find anything or buy anything with the click of a button. Comparing that to older times where you went to far away towns after months to get a few items just sounds ridiculous and shocking. In conclusion, technology has changed the way people live and will continue to do so with the development of new ideas.

The values and ethics from the past generations usually provide a better understanding of life compared to todays. Culture and family can only be taught by someone that has experience and can share with the current generation such as our parents. Each generation has a valuable belief and is beneficial to each differently such as: Experiencing the outside world may provide better understanding for one, but the other may find it better to stay home and acknowledge things. Each generation also has loopholes that are unacceptable such as the comparison of men and women and also teenagers drinking & partying to be a part of their society.

Values are not just important things that are meant for people to be followed and respected. Values show how one discovers the real himself and live their life by going through the stages of beliefs and lifestyle.

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