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Ecological problems

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    The Earth is the lone planet in the solar system where there is life. If you look down at the Earth from a plane you will see how fantastic our planet is. You will see bluish seas and oceans, rivers and lakes, high snow-capped mountains, green woods and Fieldss. For centuries adult male lived in harmoniousness with nature until industrialisation brought human society into struggle with the natural environment. Today, the contradictions between adult male and nature have acquired a dramatic character. With the development of civilisation adult male’s intervention in nature has increased. Every twelvemonth the universe’s industry pollutes the ambiance with 1000000s of dozenss of dust and other harmful substances. The seas and rivers are poisoned with industrial waste, chemical and sewerage discharge. Peoples who live in large metropoliss are severely affected by harmful discharge from workss and metropolis conveyance and by the increasing noise degree which is as bad for human wellness as deficiency of fresh air and clean H2O.

    Among the most pressing jobs are the ozone bed, acid rains, planetary heating, toxic pollution of ambiance, disappearing of woods, taint of belowground Waterss by chemical elements, devastation of dirt in some countries, menace to some vegetations and fauna representatives, etc.

    One of the most of import pollution jobs is the oceans. Many ships sail in the ocean water- fishing ships, some ships transporting people, some transporting oil. If a ship loses some of the oil in the H2O, or waste from the ships in put into the ocean, the H2O becomes dirty. Many sea birds die because of the contaminated H2O. Many fish are deceasing in the sea, others are acquiring contaminated. Fishermans catch contaminated fish which may be sold in markets, and people may acquire ill from eating them. Lakes and rivers are going polluted, excessively. Some beaches are unsafe for swimming.

    Another of import job is air pollution. Cars and mills pollute the air we use. Their smoke besides destroys the ozone bed which protects the Earth from the unsafe visible radiation of the Sun. Aerosols create big “holes” in the ozone bed round the Earth. Burning coal and oil leads to planetary heating which may convey about a alteration in the universe’s clime.

    The other job is that our woods are deceasing from acid rains. Deforestation, particularly devastation of tropical woods, affects the balance of nature in many ways. It kills animate beings, changes the clime and ecosystem in the universe.

    A individual can make some harm to the environment but the greater portion of pollution surely comes from industry. Modern industry production is the chief menace to nature.

    There are a batch of topographic points on our planet that demand immediate aid. Our state is non exclusion. The atomic accident at Chernobyl, which took topographic point on April 26, 1986. , has earnestly aggravated the ecological state of affairs in Belarus. That calamity can be considered as the largest catastrophe of the twentieth century. As the consequence of that accident 18% of districts of our democracy were contaminated by radioactive elements. The agribusiness of our state suffered great losingss. More than 20% of the population has besides suffered. A decease rate among kids has increased well. The broad researches are carried out, but wellness province of the people populating in contaminated countries, is worsened. The degree of thyroid secretory organ malignant neoplastic disease has increased, the unsusceptibility of kids and adult females is weakened, many diseases appear out merely a few old ages subsequently. Everyone understands that this calamity is a menace to wellness of our state, and though old ages have already passed, the consequences will be shown on the future coevalss.

    I’vitamin Ds like to state a few words about animate beings in danger of extinction. The bluish giant is the largest animate being which has of all time lived. Once there were over 200000 of these animals populating in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Since the 17th century they have been hunted for their oil and meat. In fact, so many of them were killed that by 1963 their population had been reduced to merely 1000. Today it is even less that that. The African elephant is the universe’s largest land animate being. Today there are fewer than one million of these animate beings left. Even though they are now protected, they are still being hunted because of their ivories, which are used to do decorations and jewelry. There is merely one manner to salvage wild animate beings and wild home grounds – preservation. That means protecting animate beings in danger by jurisprudence, opening more national Parkss, constructing fewer new roads, seting more new woods, cutting pollution. It this doesn’t go on, many wild animate beings will shortly hold merely one habitat- the Zoo.

    Ecological jobs have no boundary lines. European provinces solve these jobs together: the necessary steps are taken, Congresss and conferences on these inquiries are organized, and these inquiries have already the contemplation in the statute law of many states.

    The activity of many public organisations is directed to protect environment. One of the most known organisations is “Greenpeace”, whose intent is bar of environment debasement. This organisation was founded in 1971 by the militants from the USA and Canada and it has representations in 25 states of the universe. “Greanpeace” Acts of the Apostless against atomic trials, radiating menace, pollution of the environment by waste industrial merchandises, to protect the carnal universe, etc. This organisation influences public sentiment through mass media, under its auspices manifestations and protest actions are carried solutions for concrete ecological jobs.

    For illustration, the “Greenpeace” sent its boats to protect giants, and today commercial whaling is banned. In the North Sea Greenpeace swimmers turned back dump ships transporting chemical waste, and a new Torahs to protect the North Sea have been considered.

    When I look around I realize that non all people understand the importance of nature protection. On all right summer yearss a batch of people go out of town. They have field daies on the shores of lakes and the Bankss of rivers or on beautiful wood clearings and they frequently leave behind a batch of rubbish- plastic bags and bottles, Sns and paper. It makes me experience sad when I see people returning to town with immense Bunches of forest or meadow flowers. Many of these workss are included into the Red Book which contains the names of rare workss and animate beings. Some of them have become nonextant and others are on the brink of vanishing. If we don’t recognize that we are all responsible for what’s go oning around us we will ne’er experience secure about the hereafter of the universe we live in.

    What can be done to protect nature? I believe that environment catastrophes can be avoided if people broaden ecological instruction and every individual understands that the beauty of nature is highly delicate and people must obey the unwritten Torahs of nature. Governments must be prepared to take action against pollution. Air pollution could be reduced if workss and mills were made to suit effectual filters on chimneys and auto fumess. Green zones around large metropoliss must be protected and extended. Natural resources should be used economically because their stocks are non limitless.

    The ecology is a scientific discipline analyzing interaction of beings among themselves and an environment.

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