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In this world the students live in, gaming is just a normal everyday thing, and a part of their daily lives. Many children are engulfed in playing games that hours have passed and the child has no clue. Aggression, limits and health are all addressed throughout this paper. In today’s society, many children are negatively affected by the continued use of video game play.

To begin, children who play violent video games are often usually angrier, have a bad attitude, and are generally affected by the violence that is displayed throughout the video game. According to the text, children who play more violent video games are more likely to have increased aggressive thoughts, feelings and behaviors (“The Negative Impact”). Also, it was also expected that participant who had played the violent video game online would show the highest levels of aggression due to the previously identified experience specific to online game play (Hollingdale and Tobias). From this the reader can see that violent video games do impact a customer in many ways. One can also see that aggression does increase more due to the violence that us associated with the video game. The readers can see that the aggression would be higher than normal levels because of the amount of time spent on the game. The text states that this study found that playing a violent video game in comparison to neutral video games, the violent video games significantly increased aggression (Hollingdale and Tobias) . From this one can understand that the information is saying that neutral video games do not raise aggression levels, but the violent games do. Based on the information that was read the author states that most of the bad effects are based on violence the in-appropriate game(s) contain (“The Negative Impact”). In relation to this information many doctors say that vulnerable children will be turned into aggressive adults (“Screens”). Readers can infer that eventually children will be affected by violent video games later in life. One can also see that the child may not see how the violence is hurting them now, but the affects will show up as the child becomes older.

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As talked about above, creating limits could help children become better adults. According to the text, the society said parents often ask about “screen time” (“Screens”).This shows that parents and care givers do indeed have concerns about their children’s screen time. This also shows that the parents might be considering limiting the screen time associated with their child. According to the Canadian Pediatric Society, Parents and care givers of children age five and younger should not only minimize screen time at home but use it mindfully themselves (“Screens”). The audience can understand that many parents usually do not think letting young children have infinitive screen time will hurt them. However, as stated above later on in their life, the effects will show. For instance, when students play for longer than one hour per day or, on average, 7-10 hours per week. They maybe sacrificing needed homework and study time which could negatively impact academic performance (“The Negative Impact”). This information can infer that the more time the student plays, the more they are hurting their selves in the long run. The more time they play, they are taking time out of their homework or study time that could help them become something in the future. Allowing the students to play 7-10 hours a day can affect their grades, and if they don’t have good grades then they will more than likely have a low paying job in the future because of the student not applying their selves while they had the chance to.. Limits should be enforced because young children are spending hours at a time playing games, at age 2-5 the child’s brain is still developing and instead of playing educational games they are playing useless, violent video games. According to a mother of two, Tina Turner, fist thing In the morning after they get up they ask to watch T.V, she said “They ask to watch the iPad or play a video game(“Screens”).. This informs the reader that children are spending more time on a video game, T.V, etc . Also according to Tina Turner, we find that if they watch a lot of screens they do become higher energy, and cranky and they start to miss behave more(“Screens”). The readers can see that limiting the child’s screen time can help the child out academically, mentally and physically. Limiting the child’s use in all types of screen can help them become successful in life by taking the screens away or limiting the time they are on them. By doing so, that allows time for the child to study, complete homework, and get a good nights rest instead of being attached to a screen playing a useless games for hours.

Not having limits can lead to long term health effects. According to meta-analysis evidence confirm that exposure to violent video games increases aggressive cognitions, aggressive affects and aggressive behavior, and decreases empathy and pro social behavior(Hollingdale and Tobias). This states that violent video games can increase anger or aggression even after the child is no longer playing it. One can imply that violent video games increases aggressive behavior during and after playing the violent games. One can imply that the child who is playing the game can have less empathy or less feelings for other people after they are finished with the game. From this one can see that the child’s social behavior would be impacted also. This child’s social behavior would be impacted by the child not wanting to follow the rules, being unruly and being disrespectful to others,, therefore; the student would be impacted by the violence displayed in the video game. The text states longitudinal studies show that habitual violent video game play predicts later aggression even after controlling for initial levels of aggression(Hollingdale and Tobias). The audience can infer form this that over time repeated video game play increases levels of aggression higher then the levels that are treated for. This also proves that over a period of time of playing the violent video games that in fact the violence does impact young children, and raises aggression levels even higher then normally. According to environmental studies, they have revealed that playing violent video games is a casual risk factor for increased aggression(Hollingdale and Tobias). The audience can see that limits need to be put on the amount of screen time allowed for young children and older children. One can see that there are health risks due to how much violence that the game contain! A mother could see that limiting the use of gaming could protect their child . A mother could Also see that under aged children should not be allowed on any screens unmonitored and/or any screens period due to all the violence censored on there.

The excessive playing of violent video games can cause prolong Heath effects. In the same way, repeated expose to violent video games may have a cumulative effect on aggression(“The Negative Impact”). This can be seen as over time the use of video games can sooner or later hurt you mentally. Research into the effect of violent games on level of aggression has led to concerns that they may pose a public risk(Hollingdale and Tobias). This can be interpreted as limits are not being used, and then children or customers are being affected by these violent, cruel video games. One can see that limits are needed to keep the children from harming their selves mentally with out the user even knowing they are doing it. Limiting gaming is much needed simply because the children are being turned into an outraged person when they grow up. Violent video games are just as bad as smoking. The text states that playing a video game can be compared to smoking a cigarettes(“The Negative Impact”). A single cigarette won’t cause lung cancer but smoking over weeks, months or years will greatly increase the risk(“The Negative Impact”). The reader can infer that limits should be used when talking about video games. One can see that they are addictive, harmful and very inappropriate at times, especially for under aged players. The audience can see that parents/caregivers need to stop the use of gaming for it is just as addictive as smoking cigarettes back to back. Addictive games simply trap the mind into repetitive playing and at a young age this could slow down learning capabilities. One can infer many children do not know that they are ruining their minds so they continue to play over and over again. The active participation, repetition and reward are effective tools for learning behaviors(“The Negative Impact”). One might infer that this is another reason for the children being so attached or evolved in the games they play for the reward, they reach it and then there is a new reward that the child is attracted to. So they play until they are made to get off the system or until they get bored. One can infer that if having a limited amount of time on the game system then the child/children will not be addicted to it. Therefore limiting time, and the level of aggressiveness a child can play will help them as they become older and more wise of the situation.

Popularity that a games has could also make the child become more addicted to the game. The child not only wants to play but feels like it’s a must have to be the best. Violent video games have previously been identified to be the most popular video games played by consumers(Hollingdale and Tobias). This states that the child buys the games to be like the other students, then that child becomes addicted to it and their mental health starts to dissolve away. The reader can see if applying a limit to the price of the games could help, applying one to the time spent on it, and maybe a limit on the level of violence displayed in the games. Could tremendously help the child’s brain if young children. Also it could help the older children to.

In conclusion, violent video games can have aggression, can cause health effects, and sometimes the games need to be limited on how much they can be played. Not all violent games are bad but they still need to be limited on the playin times. Many children need to be limited because of the reasons discussed above. So many children are affected negatively by the games on a daily basis that limiting is a good idea on coping with this problem. However, limiting is definitely a need when coming to young children wanting to play like all the rest of them. Limits need to happen so the children can play safe, and live a normal happy lifestyle.

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