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In today’s day Video Games are a really popular hobby for a lot of people in the world and for the people who do like game always give thanks to the people that put the hard work into developing the games.Some games are extremely time consuming and difficult to make because it takes a lot to know how to make games like for example the Grand Theft Auto series,each game is an open work game and takes a lot of time to think of the map designs and the graphics and a whole bunch of things game developers have to deal with in making the games.There are many different Jobs when it comes to videogame development and each type has a different pay rate per year and per hour here’s a list of jobs that are involved with video game development.

Today most jobs in video game development are really high paying for a first job to start with the lowest paid job is $32,000 a year and it’s just testing games and tying to find glitches or bugs in the games system. Some starting jobs in Quality Assurance (video game tester) start off with good pay around 14 dollars an hour to to test video games and see if they need any fixes here is a website that shows the starting pay for most jobs in mostly around california.. Some jobs require the person to have some experience with testing games and mostly most places want the person who is going to test it to have at least 12 months experience .Not all the video games are the same there’s a lot of different game styles out there so you need to know how to play games because if you go in to play a first person shooter game like Call of Duty and you’ve only ever played a game like World of Warcraft which is a MMORPG game you won’t know how to play and wouldn’t really be able to test the game completely. As a video game tester you can work about 40 hours a week just like a normal job and in a whole year you can make around 30,000 dollars as a job for a single person it can be good enough for someone to live off.

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A Senior Software Engineer is an experienced game designer and has at least a degree in computer science, web development, and or engineering and if they have a bachelor’s degree in any of those fields it’s a plus.Usually a career like this pays around $100,000 a year if the developer is really experienced and knows what he’s doing usually gets paid more that that . Wherever the software engineer starts to work him or her needs to learn everything about the new place they are going to start to work at because if they don’t know anything about the company they’re at they won’t be that successful there.There really isn’t anything else to talk about in the career of a software engineer but from all that you atleast need to have somes years in any type of development software to become a senior engineer.

There are many many other type of jobs in video game design another easy one is video game artist this job requires you to make the color in the type of game you’re making.Artists create the visual elements of a game, such as characters, scenery , objects,vehicles, surface textures, clothing, props, and even user interface components. Depending on what type of game that you’re making it can be a 3D or 2D you need to know how the software works and how you can become better at it. Some of the jobs that they give you as a game artist just require you to know how to design objects or styles in a game like if they want you to make a design on the wall for a room in the game you can do that and do many more jobs, if your game if a level type of game they can make you work on a single level and you can do any type of design you want thats whats really cool about it.The salary a of game artist starts around $42,000 a year and goes up gradually up to $54,000 a year with more experience and more styles you make.

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