Effective Presentation Essay

The need to express ones ideas or thoughts comes in to every person’s life. It is important that we know how to deliver or to present each idea in a perceptible manner in order for us to effectively convey knowledge that we wish to impart. Moreover, an effective presentation whether it be written or in the form of a speech, needs more than a good command of the language used but on the way the ideas has been presented. A good presentation in business for example defines the person’s dedication to his work and to the agency he is connected with.

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The same is true with academic research presentations which is said to define a students carrier some time in the near future. Presentations include not only the visual presentation or that by illustrations but also public speaking. Professionals such as lawyers engage in public speaking as a means to prove ones innocence or guilt. Without the knowledge of effective presentation, those whose causes rely on the lawyer’s inability would fall on deaf ears as the lawyer would not be understood easily by the jury.

In such a case, it would place a person’s life, liberty, or property in jeopardy. A Research Presentation is commonly used in graduate studies wherein the researcher identifies a problem or a topic which should be the title of his research. As all types of presentations, a research presentation is educative, aims at improvement or community involvement, and is problem-focused, context-specific and future-orientated. Unlike any other presentations, a research presentation has a guide line that needs to be followed.

It must have a problem description and documentation, Setting: population, Solution strategy, Analysis of results, Effective Presentation Page_#2 Recommendations for change & for future researchers, Solicitation of audience feedback and the likes. These rules are an essential part of a research presentation and can not be dispensed with. Another, type of presentation is Public Speaking. Commonly used in symposiums and other mass gatherings. This type of presentation is used in order to efficiently convey or communicate with a large number of audience or listeners.

There is no clear way to effectively speak in front of the public but certain basic guidelines has been set to help us with Public speaking. First, the contents of your speech must match with the audience’s needs. Second, mastery of the topic is essential. One must arrange his thoughts in a logical sequence. Third, know your weak points. Fourth, practice your speech at home. A public speaker is like an actor; he must have the necessary charisma to captivate his audience and must present himself in an appropriate manner.

Fifth, Body language is important in stressing a point coupled with the appropriate hand movement. Sixth, do not read from notes. And finally, Speak with conviction. Ultimately, all these types of presentations share a single, basic rule. It must be logically arranged as not to sway from the main point of discussion or subject and to efficiently convey thoughts without the straining the audience or boring them. In order to achieve and effective presentation one must also be diligent in following the basic guidelines of the kind of research one is working on.


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