Effects Of Geotourism In AL-Janadriyah

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AL-Janadriyah town it is one of the great places in my country the tourist usually visit it to see our unique old arabian life in arabian peninsula .But there are possible effect of geotourism in AL-Janadriyah include the lack of the touristic Ads about the place and the time for the visit.one possible effect in geotourism in AL-Janadriyah town is the lack of ads about the the place,actually for long time this place was forgotten by the media and because this al-janadriyah today not globally famous and suffer from a lack of foreign tourist, but for the local resident in the country, it is one of the good touristic places if you want see the old heritage and the other life cultures from around the country.Another possible effect of geotourism in al-janadriyah town is the pacific time for visiting that has been predetermined by the government for one month every year .this affects geotourism badly because most of the tourist they are prefer the fixable schedule for them tours and they do not likes visit places that close most of the time in the year .in addition the weather in the country too hot and because of this most of the tourist come to saudi arabia in the winter season when the town is close .In the end ,I wish that the government and media in my country helps each other to face the challenges and overcome the obstacles of the geotourism in al-janadriyah.

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