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Ender’s Game – Ender Wiggin

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  • Pages 6
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    In our everyday life, we make decisions, which might change the world we live in. However, each decision we make has an impact on our life and is therefore important. Each time we choose one thing over another, we draw from our previous knowledge to make the best choice we can . In this book Ender’s Game by “Orson Scott Card,” he created characters that not only showed the meanings of their lives, but he creates a story that shows feelings and emotions crossed by his characters that the plot itself revolves around themes, ideas, and morals, not the other way around.

    Ender Wiggin, the protagonist, was born in a time when population restriction laws were in effect. The people of the time could only have two children. One couple that was extremely brilliant had two children who both came close to meeting government requirements for a military commander. Because of this, Ender’s family was allowed to have a third child. His name was Ender Wiggin. Ender was picked-on for being the third person in the family, by a kid named Stilson who they thought was not worthy of living.

    At the end of the school day Stilson’s gang confronts Ender, after the hallways empty, and threatens to beat Ender up. Ender responds by brutally attacking the older, bigger, and heavier Stilson. He kicks the child’s face, ribs, and groin while he is down, though it is obvious that Stilson could not fight back. 3 children were related but had different personalities Peter the eldest is brutal, angry, and remorseless. Valentine, the second, is sweet, compassionate, and hopeful. Ender, the youngest, feels himself torn as he is as brutal as Peter, but as compassionate as Valentine.

    The very next day an officer from International Fleet (or I. F. , Earth’s government and army to fight against the Buggers) named Colonel Graff comes under the pretense of interrogating Ender for the incident with Stilson the previous day. Ender explains that he defended himself, and then decided to keep kicking because, “Knocking him down won the first fight. I wanted to win all the next ones, too. So they’d leave me alone. ” Chapter 3, pg 19. So Ender was invited to join the Battle School, the elite training facility where future commanders of the army were trained as youth.

    Ender’s parents had signed papers for him to go to Battle School at birth, because his status as a Third child is illegal in this future, except with government waiver. As Graff explains, “[Peter] was the best we’d seen in a long time. We asked your parents to choose a daughter next – they would have anyway – hoping that Valentine would be Peter, but milder. She was too mild. And so we requisitioned you. ” Chapter 3, pg 24. Ender’s greatest motivation to leave is fear of his own life at Peter’s hands.

    Ender’s only reason to say no is Valentine. Graff is not only aware of these factors, but confirms them. His parents will miss him but they will get over it, Peter will not miss Ender, and only Valentine will think of him consistently in the years that follow. Ender, impressed with Graff’s forthrightness, feels more comfortable. Ender decides to go, reluctantly: ” ‘It was what I was born for, isn’t it? If I don’t go, why am I alive? ‘ ‘Not good enough,’ Graff said. ‘I don’t want to go,’ said Ender, ‘but I will. ” Chapter 3, pg 26: Graff runs the Battle School, and he quickly lectures the launch group of twenty boys that Ender is the only one in the group with a mind worth training at school, because Ender has a mind that excels. As soon as Graff returns to his cabin, boys start picking on Ender because of Graff’s work. The child behind Ender pokes him in the head repeatedly. Patiently, Ender times when the next blow would arrive, and breaks the assailant’s arm. Ender’s newest tormentor is that boy who broke his arm, Bernard. The students are introduced to the battle room for the first time.

    They wear stiff flash suits and have glass-like laser guns. Ender begins flying around and testing out the suit. He saw that pulling the trigger on the gun illuminated some light on the floor. The two new friends collect their closest friends, Shen and Bernard, and attack the other sixteen launch members. Later that day Ender’s character is faced with two drinks, and if he chooses right, he can go to “Fairyland. ” The game is rigged, though, because all the drinks kill him and it cannot be defeated. The character’s deaths are always gruesome, and Ender has tried and tried until the game shuts down. Ender gets fed up this time, and decides not to play by the rules. His character kicks the drinks over and claws into the Giant’s eye, knocking the Giant over and killing him. Ender is simultaneously excited and revolted. Ender thinks, “I’m a murderer, even when I play. Peter would be proud of me. ” The game then shuts down and he is forced to report to his new home. Petra quickly reveals herself to be the outcast of the group, being the only girl in the army (and one of the few in Battle School) and a very vocal critic of Bonzo. Ender learns that Bonzo makes different rules for Petra and the boys.

    Ender already thought little of Bonzo:” Colonel Graff says to Major Anderson that Ender is the one, reiterating his belief that this boy can save the world from the Buggers. Ender arrives at Rat Army and meets the slovenly casual “Rose de Nose” commander of the Rat army. Later Ender was assigned to his leader Dink Meeker. Dink is quiet and intelligent, and understands his importance to Rat Army. Dink is the Key to the Rat’s success. Dink also gives Ender a piece of useful advice, “Listen, Ender, commanders have just as much authority as you let them have.

    The more you obey the more power they have over you. ” Chapter 8, pg 102. A new army is commissioned for Ender – Dragon. Ender is the youngest commander in history. The entire group consists of rejects from other armies. Graff tells Ender that he may not practice with his extra practice group, and he can’t have any trades. His army is his. “In the battle room, Ender saw how inexperienced his army was. His first order of business was reorienting the students so that they would always think of the enemy’s gate as down.

    When he orders students to the north wall, only Bean seems comfortable with it. Alai is now an enemy in the game, and a stranger outside of it. This angers Ender. “And with that anger, he decided he was strong enough to defeat them-the teachers, his enemies. ” teachers gave Badger an advantage after a period of time, members of that army who were not completely frozen would be able to fight again. Dragon won anyway. Badger’s commander, Pol Slattery treats Ender with respect. Ender goes to shower alone. He is ambushed by seven boys including Bernard, Bonzo at the lead.

    Ender, seeing that he is not going to be able to get out of this with words, tilts the odds in his favor by taunting Bonzo where Bonzo is most sensitive honor. This taunt forces Bonzo to attack Ender alone in the shower. They fight, and Ender, with soap on his body, defeats Bonzo by using the soap on his own body, steam from hot showers, and Bonzo’s honor as weapons. Bonzo is defeated as Stilson was, soundly and brutally. Then the time comes to Battle the Buggers. The battles begin easy, and quickly become harder – the enemy would undoubtedly learn from Ender.

    Battles happen at all hours, with little or no sleep, and Ender is expected to the best job he could. Ender feels more isolated than ever. Ender becomes a relentless trainer of his army, and the friendships give way to a command structure, only further isolating Ender. At the end Ender finally defeats the Buggers and then Graff hugs Ender, and Mazer congratulates him. “‘You beat them, and it’s all over. ‘ All over. Beat them. Ender didn’t understand… ‘Ender, you never played me… This was the Third Invasion… the battles were real and the only enemies you fought were the buggers. ” Chapter 14, pg 296. This book teaches us something, to be really selfish when it comes to knowledge. Each time we choose one thing over another, we draw from our previous knowledge to make the best choice we can. In Ender’s case, when he was faced with any problems he faced them and used what he thought was the best answer or the best solution. The way Ender handled his problem is all because of his practice when he was isolated the first time he figured a way to fight it and he used it any other time he was isolated.

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