Theme of Maturity in Novel “Enders Game”

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Maturity is the changes to respond to the environment in an appropriate manner. Maturity also builds by being aware of the time and space, according to different circumstances and the social norms around. The cause of maturity comes from the experience dealing with tough situations. Ender natures in living with his fierce and rough housing brother Peter and his sister Valentine a hardworking understanding and loving person causing a mix of behavior in ender Wiggins. The novel Enders Game by Orson Scott Card plots gradual maturity in Enders having to understand self-reliance act against enemies to protect himself and responsibility of leading a team through battles and training them.

Ender gradually learns that he could not rely on others after his monitor was removed, and a trouble in school started with a bully. Ender once having had removed monitor realized just before the fight that “no one could see anymore” knowing he would have to take the matter into his own hands because in the end “no one would come to Ender’s rescue” (Orson Scott Card 5 ) if they harm him. Ender realized that he would have to rely upon himself as there was no protector by his side. Ender learns that since no one will be able to help him he had to rely on his smartness in the tight situation as.

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“Ender did not feel like laughing, but he laughed. ‘You mean it takes this many of you to fight one Third?’ (Orson Scott Card 6)

Since ender had no one to support him he focused on himself and his strengths where he thought of a solution to the situation in a timely manner that than led to his success in a battle against his bully alone. Ender had no support behind him facing him to rely on himself, he used his mind and ability to survive an attack against a group alone with no assistance alongside him.

Ender shows maturity as he learns to be responsible to create a safe and networking solution to the battles and problems that were pushed in front him as a commander and a solider. Ender shows responsibility in battle school where he decides that extra practice would help him, and other soldiers succeed “under Ender’s direction. They would learn things from the armies, from the battles”(Orson Scott card 67) giving ender the edge to help build and prepare soldiers not just himself. Ender shows responsibility in his actions as he helps recruits build skills and tactics showing a sign of maturity by working hard and giving his wisdom and advice to others by showing support. Ender is responsible practicing every day and working hard “During free play he and Alai and the others worked themselves to exhaustion.” Creating a responsible move of getting better even when it was free time. Ender has one motto when he started creating a group for free play practice which he called “Free play, every day, working hard” (Orson Scott Card 67) showing at a young age he became responsible and built strengths for his allies. Ender matures using the trait responsibility and determination as he builds a team that works hard to train in their free time all the way to exhaustion every day. This shows a hardworking character that matured from a kid being monitored and was safe from attacks with no responsibility at stake.

Ender builds maturity as a young kid as he learns to self-rely on himself as there was no support. Ender also creates maturity through battle school as he become responsible by taking care of his tactics and practices through as much free time as possible. Maturity is the ability to respond to the environments in an appropriate manner. Orson Scott card shows maturity changes that kids builds under the circumstances. He connects Ender a young boy in the book to real world people by showing situations and problems. Maturity is a change that happens through your environment with the people you are around and the actions that are taken, acting responsible and showing determination create and build character and maturity overtime.


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