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As a student learning English as a second language, I have completed ESL 263 and am now ready to take on ESL 273. I have improved my English skills, particularly in writing well-organized compositions on topic. However, I still need to work on choosing accurate words to improve my vocabulary. I believe that my strengths in writing and organization will be beneficial in the next level course. Through ESL 263, I have learned how to be a good reader by setting goals and actively gaining background knowledge. I feel more confident in my language skills, but I know that I need to continue practicing to improve. I am ready to learn new things in ESL 273 and take steps towards success.

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I am prepared. As a student learning English as a second language, I attended ESL 263 to improve my English skills for ESL 273. Consequently, I have acquired proficiency in composing well-organized essays on different subjects. It is important to stay focused on the main idea of an essay, as it is easy to stray when not fully concentrated.

Writing well-organized expository paragraphs will assist me in organizing vital information for a well-written essay, simplifying the writing process. To illustrate, in my essay “Cooperation between Countries,” my English teacher provided feedback stating, “You grasp the fundamental concept of utilizing resources to address a subject. Your essay is focused, well-structured, and adequately explored.”

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My strengths in writing are staying on topic and being well-organized. I believe these skills will prepare me for the next level, ESL 273. Although my English skills have improved greatly, I still need to work on selecting the right words to better prepare for ESL 273 and future English classes. When crafting my essay, I must carefully consider my word choices. I need to expand my vocabulary and clarify my ideas to make my paragraphs more engaging and effectively support the main point.

For instance, in the paper “Cooperation between Countries,” I mistakenly used the word “benefits” instead of “aspects” or “we” in the sentence: “Ultimately, cooperation between countries has many benefits that they can learn from it.” This highlights the need for constant practice in language skills to enhance performance. Consequently, I have chosen to enroll in ESL 273 to improve my English. Despite being a ten-week course, it has provided me with extensive knowledge and valuable experience that will greatly benefit my academic studies for life.

In terms of reading, I have discovered the importance of setting goals and acquiring prior knowledge on the topic I am about to read. This approach has enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of the content and comprehend the writer’s intentions. For instance, when reading the article “Employers Use Social Networks to Check Out Applicants,” I began by reading the introduction, which served as the starting point for comprehending the author’s discourse.

This skill is crucial for progressing to ESL 273 as it enables me to comprehend articles and generate appropriate responses in my essays as per the teacher’s expectations. Overall, my language skills have significantly improved and I am now more confident due to what I have learned in ESL 263. Furthermore, I understand the need for continuous practice to enhance my writing and reading abilities. Consequently, I anticipate that ESL 273 will be challenging, but I am prepared to embrace it as it represents new opportunities for me in achieving success.

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