Reflective Essay ESL

I am Ready As a student that learns English as a second language, I went to ESL 263, and I have improved my English skills so that I could be ready to take ESL 273. Consequently, I’m good at writing composition on topic and well-organized on my essays. Topic will be the purpose of essay. It’s easy to get off track with essay topic when people are not concentrating in main idea.

In addition, writing well-organized expository paragraphs will help me to organize the important information for well-written expository essay because it will make writing an essay fairly simple. As a prove, in my paper “Cooperation between Countries” my English teacher wrote commentary in the essay,” You understand the basic concept of how to use resources to respond to a topic. Your composition is on topic, well-organized, and adequately developed.

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On track topic and well-organized are my advantages in writing, and I believe that these skills will help me ready to move onto next level, ESL 273. Even though my English skills have been improving significantly, I still need to work on choosing accurate words to have a better preparation for ESL 273 or any further English classes. As I develop my essay, I need to think carefully about my choices of words. Indeed, I need to improve on giving more choices words or vocabularies and clarifying more meaning so that I would make my paragraphs become more interesting and fully support the main point.

For example, in paper “Cooperation between Countries” I wrote this sentence “Ultimately, cooperation between countries has many benefits that they can learn from it. ” I wrote a word “benefits” where I should have write a word “aspects” or “they” as “we”… Thus, language skills always require learners to practice constantly to ensure better performances. Therefore, I need to move onto ESL 273, so I can make a change to improve my English. This course is wrapped up only in ten weeks but the knowledge and experience from which I have learned is a lot and very useful for my lifelong academic study.

To be more specific, in reading, I have learned how to be a good reader by setting goals and actively getting background knowledge on the subject that I’m going to read. This reading process magically has become the key which I can use to open any doors to the deeper understanding where the writers want me to be. To illustrate, in the article “Employers Use Social Networks to Check Out Applicants” I read the introduction where is the first part of the article so that I can more understand what happen that the author wrote about.

So, this is important skill to move onto ESL 273 because it helps me understanding the articles and writes right responses in my essays as the teacher want me to be. Generally, based on what I have learned and improved from ESL 263, I have become more confident with my language skills. In addition, I know that I always need to practice more and more to sharpen my writing as well as reading. Thus, ESL 273 may challenge me and really hard. However, I’m ready to learn new things because they are new steps for me toward success.

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