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This situation illustrates hat important function that you nesters’ sense of self serves? A. Let influences how they react to certain events. B. Let helps them think about possible future selves. C. It helps them make sense of things that happen to them. D. Let motivates them to engage in behaviors to which other people will respond favorably. Answer Key: B Question 3 of 36 0. 5 Points Which one of the following best describes the role of sense of self as a factor in children’s development? A. Children are always comparing their own performance to that Of the adults around them.

B. Once children reach puberty, they become especially alert to, and try to void, the typical dangers of life. C. In the high school years especially, most students greatly underestimate their ability levels. D. Mysteriousness want to believe that they are competent individuals. Answer Key: D Feedback: It is believed that human beings have a basic need to think of themselves as competent, likTABLE, and worthy. People want to achieve a positive sense of self-worth. Text Reference: See Sense of Self, up. 58-459 Question 4 of 36 Mike desperately wants to do well on the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), as his scores will affect his chances of getting into his first-choice college. He also knows that many students at his school think that SAT scores are good indicators of how “smart” a person is. Yet the night before the test, rather than get a good nights sleep, Mike goes out with his friends, has a few beers, comes home late, and wakes up with a hangover. With this information in mind, we might suspect that Michael: A. L’s engaging in self-colonization B. L’s engaging in self-handicapping C.

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Has fallen victim to the imaginary-audience phenomenon D. Has poorly developed social information processing skills Question 5 of 36 Marion puts off doing a project for the science fair until she has so little time o do it that she cannot possibly complete a good project. Such behavior is most consistent with the concept Of: A. Androgyny B. Personal fTABLE C. Self-handicapping D. Recur raise thinking Answer Key”. C Question 6 of 36 1. 0 points Which one of these examples best reflects the role that children’s and adolescents’ sense of self typically plays in their behavior? A.

Linda knows she is a good reader, so she takes an extra reading class as an elective. B. Kim doesn’t want to take any more math classes because she knows she’s already good at math. C. Melissa thinks of herself as physically fit, so she doesn’t think she needs to articulate in sports or other physical activities. D. Nettle doesn’t think she is very popular, so she smiles at others and tries to talk to them so they will like her. Answer Key: A Question 7 of 36 The formation of chi Alden’s sense of self is most strongly influenced by: A. The self-concepts of their parents B.

Their inherited temperaments C. How other people treat them D. Their athletic ability Answer Key: C Question 8 of 36 On average, children who attend schools for gifted students have lower self- esteem than children of equal intelligence who attend regular schools with dents of widely varying abilities. If we consider research about factors affecting youngsters’ sense of self, we can explain this finding in which one of the fool lowing ways? A. Chider who attend gifted programs typically have assertive parents, and such parents tend to undermine their children’s self-esteem.

B. Having a label of any kind-?even the label “gifted”-?tends to lower self- esteem. C. Alternating a child as gifted requires an intensive evaluation, and evaluations inevitably lower self-esteem. D. Children form their self-concepts in part by comparing their own reference to the performance of those around them. Question 9 of 36 Given what we know about the development and effects of children’s sense of self, three of the following are likely scenarios. Which scenario is not likely to occur? A. Daniel knows he has many friends, but he wishes he were a better student. B.

Almost daily, Ross vacillates between thinking of himself as being very smart and as being extremely stupid. C. Aaron thinks that kids his age don’t like him, so he spends most of his spare time with his parents. D. Rexes knows he’s good in math and science but thinks of himself as a omelet klutz when it comes to sports. Question 10 of 36 Three of the following statements accurately describe how sense of self changes over the course of childhood and adolescence. Which statement is not accuse rate? A. With age, children increasingly make distinctions among different aspects of themselves.

B. With age, children increasingly internalize other people’s standards for evaluating their own behavior. C. Adolescents become aware of inconsistencies in their self-perceptions and eventually try to resolve the inconsistencies in some way. D. With age, children’s self-appraisals become less and less accurate. Answer Key”. D Question 1 1 of 36 Which one of the following teenage girls appears to have contingent self- woo Roth ? A. Marlene feels great some days and terrible other days, depending on how many classmates have recently smiled at her in the school corridors.

B. Roseanne knows she’s smart because she has always done well in her schoolwork. C. Sashay discovers that she is a better tennis play when she regularly practices her serve. D. When Rennin plans a party, she wants to invite only the really “popular” kids. Question 12 of 36 As children grow older, they are more likely to: A. Be satisfied with low levels of performance B. Hold themselves to unrealistically high standards for performance C. Evaluate their own performance in terms of how it compares with that of their peers D.

Evaluate their own performance in terms of how much improvement it shows over time Question 13 of 36 Children’s self-concepts become increasingly sTABLE, and therefore increasingly difficult to change, as they grow older. Using what you have learned about the development of youngsters’ sense of self, choose the most likely explanation for the increasing stability of the self-concept over time: A. Maturational factors play a major role in the formation Of the self-concept; these factors continue to unfold throughout childhood. B.

Research studies indicate that the self-concept has a strong genetic component. C. Many teachers intuitively sense how children feel about themselves, and such intuitions invariably influence teachers’ behaviors toward different children. D. Children behave in ways consistent with their self-concepts, thereby reaffirming their views of themselves. Question 14 of 36 Chelsea thinks of herself as outgoing and goofy when she’s with her friends, UT she knows she can be pretty quiet and moody when she’s with her parents. She is confused by these very different sides of herself.

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