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Essay- Command and Control Procedures

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Command and Control Procedures: these are there to ensure that all the public services can work effectively together during the major incident. Liaison Officers: these are members of the public services who are responsible for communicating with the public services as well as sharing information with them. Emergency Plans: these are a set of clear instructions on how agencies respond to a major incident each public service will eave emergency plan of how to deal with and respond to different types of major incidents.

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Essay- Command and Control Procedures
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Command and Control, Gold, Silver and Bronze Command and control is used by the public services to effectively control an emergency situation or incident and communicate between the other public services and responding agencies the command and control structure is split into three categories gold, silver and bronze. Gold: Strategic Command This level of command is the strategic command element that will oversee the operation. The gold command will operate at a site away from the scene as well as they are there to also support silver decisions who are on the ground and help with creating emergency plans to deal with the incident.

Gold commanders also are responsible for the allocation of personnel and resources they will also approve silvers plans and ideas on how to resolve the incident. Silver: Tactical Command The tactical command are command of the actual incident in most major incident police will full fill this role as the silver command. Silver command is responsible or implementing the gold command recommendations and order. The silver command is also responsible for keeping gold command up to date as the create plan and delegates instruction throughout the bronze commanders.

They also have to stay in contact with liaise officers from other responding agencies to make sure they stay up to date. The last thing silver command is responsible for is for media relations and cordon around the major incident. Bronze: Operational Command Bronze command are the only command that will inside the inner cordon at the cone they are responsible for doing and overseeing certain tasks they use plan given to them from silver command.

They are also the most hands on role at the major incident scene and are in constant communication with silver command, below are a few element that bronze command are responsible for: Overseeing the incident scene Evacuation Giving medical attention to any that need it Questioning those involve in the incident Collecting details of those involve in the incident Supporting any other responding agencies or public services that need it.

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