Strengths and Weaknesses of the command economic system

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Identify the three basic economic systems in the universe and measure the strengths and failings of the bid economic system.


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An economic system is a system used to apportion resources in an economic system. A system is required to apportion resources because resources are scare in economic sciences scare agencies limited resources being deficient to fulfill the limitless privation of adult male. The three most basic economic system are the ; command economic system, free economic system, assorted economic system.


COMMAND ECONOMIC SYSTEM: A bid economic system is an economic system in which the authorities province owns and controls all resources within its legal power ; this means that no person has any authorization over the usage of resources. ( Private houses can besides be referred to as ”individuals ” ) . The authorities find what should be produced, the proportion dedicated to which economic sector and the resource distribution policy. Price is besides determined by the authorities through monetary value ordinance. A bid economic besides denote a communistic signifier of dictatorship which is one of the BASIC of the political and economical control of the whole state. Command system is characterized by the followers ;

Market forces do non impact monetary value.

Persons have no control over resources.

Individual has restricted freedom of pick.

Resources are normally underutilized.

The monetary value of resources is stable.

Free MARKET ECONOMIC SYSTEM: in this economic system persons ( including houses ) are allowed to have and command resources. Since the authorities has minimal control over economic proceedings there is competition between persons in which they would compete for economical addition. In this system monetary value of resources are determined by the market forces ( supply and demand ) . Free market economic evolved out of the old feudal system and capitalist economy continues to germinate and alter over clip. Capitalism is a deeply different animal from the system that Adam Smith championed in 1776 ; likewise the capitalist economy of modern Russia is well different from the capitalist economy of the modern U.S.A. A free market is besides called capitalist economic system as all major determination associating to ingestion and production are left to the market forces. A free market economic system is characterized by the followers.

Individual are free to have and command resources.

There is normally a big spread between the rich and hapless

There is freedom of pick for consumers

There is a big rate of invention

Monetary value is determined by the market forces

An illustration of a state that employs this system is the United States of America.

MIXED ECONOMIC SYSTEM: A assorted economic system is an economic system that combines the policies of both the bid and free market economic system is the most realistic because no economic system is strictly free market or bid. The assorted economic system is employed in an effort to extinguish the disadvantages of the other economic system and at same clip garner the advantages.



Large spread between rich and hapless.

There is plenty invention due to competition.

Monetary value is determined by supply and demand ( monetary value mechanism ) .

Private houses and persons ain and control resources.

As a consequence of competition merchandises are of high quality.

Capitalism involved private endeavors where concerns are owned by private persons.

It has less authorities intercession.


Citizens normally have comparatively equal wealth.

Since the authorities all resources there is no competition and as a consequence of no invention.

Monetary value is determined by the authorities ( monetary value ordinance ) .

The authorities owns and controls resources

Since there is no competition merchandises end up existences sub standard.

It has public endeavors where the authorities control thing including concerns and production.

A bid economic system is much more authorities controlled.


Monetary values are stable.

It provides a minimal criterion of life.

The spread between the rich and hapless, the half and the half non is little.

Consumer development is rare.

The authorities provides indispensable goods.

Consumer development is roundly saved.

There is monetary value stableness.


Merchandises are normally substandard.

Resources are wasted.

Consumer ‘s picks are restricted.

Economy finds it hard to prosecute in international trade.

Division of labor is minimum.

Standard of life is jointly low

Officials are normally corrupt

Invention is practically useless as the authorities determines what is required for the economic system


In decision, these described economic systems are the most cardinal and basic compared to world in which these systems are much more complex and board. Besides its difficult to state which economic system is the best or most advantageous, economic system are selected based on the state ‘s aims which could be to make a self prolonging economic system that would non necessitate to trust on other economic systems in any manner for the monetary value of slow but equal development. Another nonsubjective possibly to make a flourishing economic system that will spread out and turn to its full all devouring possible whether it as the sweep of others or non. Whichever system is selected it will non be a Utopian scene as all the systems are burdened with disadvantages it might transport.

These three illustrations are the best sum-up of economic system today maintaining head that they are much complicated and mostly based on premises. It is besides ill-defined which system is best because they are merely used depending on what the authorities hopes to accomplish. In which 1 might state would be to accomplish equality and stableness no matter how low criterions are or to recognize full potency at the disbursal of others. In the modern society the capitalist system to be the most dominate with 80 % of the universe using it, a general over expression in the universe would propose that capitalist states are more advanced. This does n’t do it an economic Utopia as it has many reverses but this is the same as with all economic systems.

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