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Accounts receivable

Accounts receivable

Balance sheet

Income statement

Information system

Information Technology



Words: 1262 (6 pages)

This paper aims to examine different methods employed in requirements determination, collection, and organization. It will further outline effective communication techniques to gather information from various organizational stakeholders, utilizing a range of approaches to articulate proposed solution characteristics. Additionally, it will analyze and present approaches to initiate, specify, and assess the feasibility of such projects….

Narrative of Existing System

Accounts receivable

Business Law



Words: 606 (3 pages)

The existing A/R system of Bangalow PTY. LTD. CO. is still considered manually done despite the fact that they use computers. It has two sub-companies namely: Marand Properties (rent to own townhouses) and Marand Nest Dormitory (student accommodation for males and females). Before any engagement, the administration clerk accepts inquiries from prospective tenants about the…

Equity Valuation & Analysis Report

Accounts receivable

Corporate Governance

Financial Accounting





Words: 4659 (19 pages)

1. Executive summary Tencent is a Chinese internet conglomerate engaging in internet valued added services (IVAS), mobile valued added services (MVAS) and online advertising and e-commerce. The internet services industry in China is at the growing stage due to technological advances leading to higher internet and mobile penetration within the country at a lower cost,…

Research Report- Durdans

Accounts receivable






Swot Analysis

Words: 7067 (29 pages)

INTRODUCTION The Company Background The ongoing journey of Durdans hospital began during World War II between the year 1939 and 1945. During this era Durdans hospital had been a haven for the sick and injured British military personnel stationed in Ceylon. By the end of World War II a group of visionary medical professionals incorporated…

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How do you explain accounts receivable?
Accounts receivable represent money a company has invoiced for goods or services that have been delivered but not yet paid for. Accounts receivable are the flip side of accounts payable, which is money that a company owes to another business for products or services received.
What is the importance of accounts receivable?
Accounts receivable measures the money that customers owe to a business for goods or services already provided. Analyzing a company's accounts receivable will help investors gain a better sense of a company's overall financial stability and liquidity.

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