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Mr. Jose Naguimbing Case File






Words: 2640 (11 pages)

Case According to Thomas Paine, “A person commits an error by not reflecting far enough”. Perhaps this is the best aphorism that is applicable in the case of Mr. Jose Naguimbing. For he seemed to be acting out of his impulses without even taking into consideration the worst repercussion that might arise out of his…

Price Adjustment System in Ethiopia




Words: 9728 (39 pages)

BACKGROUND The problem of price escalation, especially in the construction industry, is a worldwide phenomenon, and its ripple is normally a source of friction between clients and contractors on the issue of price escalations. If this friction is not properly handled, this could stall the progress of work and may subsequently lead to project abandonment…

Fafco Case and Transaction Cost Theory







Words: 690 (3 pages)

According to the Transaction Cost Theory, since there is a high level of uncertainty between Hercules and Fafco as well as problems renegotiating, Fafco should vertically integrate. The uncertainty is probably a result of the rapid growth Fafco is experiencing. This rapid growth is causing demand and volume uncertainty. As the technology available to design…

Caso Hamptonshire Express

Business Process



Words: 2206 (9 pages)

Anna Sheen, upon graduating from a Boston-area university with a degree in journalism and operations research, returned to her hometown of Hamptonshire, Pennsylvania, to start a daily newspaper. The Hamptonshire Express emphasized local news which Sheen believed was not adequately covered by big-city newspapers such as the The Philadelphia Inquirer, Pittsburgh PostGazette, and The New…

Thaldorf’s Major Strengths and Weaknesses as a Representative of Mediquip




Words: 981 (4 pages)

Ans: Weaknesses:- 1) Lack of ability to find (or to appreciate importance of it) the needs and motivations of customer. 2) Lack of preparedness/knowledge about the product:- price estimate, list of hospitals, collecting testimonials from existing clients proactively 3) Lack of building relationship ability. Mediquip already admitted that their competitors know the decision makers at…

Situation Analysis – Pepsi


Marketing Communications




Pricing strategies

Target market

Words: 6089 (25 pages)

A Completed Analysis of Marketing Plan for Pepsi New Zealand| Executive Summary This paper presents a completed marketing plan/analysis for Pepsi in order to assist it regain its “second leader” position in the soft drink market in New Zealand. The first half of this paper shows the situation analysis of Pepsi. In particular, the internal…

Reebok NFL Replica Jerseys: A Case for Postponement Sample



Supply Chain Management

Words: 1957 (8 pages)

Reebok’s Goals Reebok’s end should be to maximise net incomes. while taking into history the production costs. the gross it can acquire from a sale. stock list keeping costs and salve value of the extra New Jersey. This is because although Reebok may desire to minimise stock list. it needs to see the impact such…

Flat Cargo Berhad Review


Board of directors




Words: 1189 (5 pages)

Overview Flat Cargo Berhad was one of the largest airfreight companies in Malaysia, servicing several government linked companies including Freight Malaysia Berhad. FCB was a public listed Company operating primarily as an air cargo carrier. It was registered as an investment holding company with several subsidiaries with principal activities ranging from air freight services and…

Blue mountain resorts case study


Business Process

Market research


Words: 1056 (5 pages)

Problem definition Blue Mountain Resorts were first built in 1941, and it is the largest family-operated ski resort in Canada. The major problem in this case is that the CEO of the Blue Mountain Resorts has to decide whether to install facilitates or not for the night skiing in 1979-1980 winter skiing season. Maintaining comfortable…

Aim and Objectives of a Business

Business Process



Words: 737 (3 pages)

AIMS AND OBJECTIVE Aims are the goal the business wants to achieve while on the other hand objectives are practical steps to achieve the goal; it is very beneficial to set aims and objectives because it will help the business to be successful whether the goals are good or bad. Failing to set aims objectives…

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