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A Study of the Operating Cycle and Cash Cycle of Sterlite Ind



Words: 835 (4 pages)

Sterlite Industries India Limited ( SIIL ) is the chief subordinate of Vedanta Resources plc, a diversified and incorporate FTSE 100 metals and excavation company, with chief operations located in India and Australia. Sterlite ‘s chief operating companies comprise Hindustan Zinc Limited ( HZL ) for its to the full integrated Zn and lead operations…

What is Сarpooling?


Words: 279 (2 pages)

Carpooling is when 2 or more people who are or aren’t related all ride in one car when they are going to the same place. People should carpool more often. Why should people car pool more? Because in a way it is healthier for the environment we live in. This is Healthier for the environment…

Loan Classification, Provisioning and Debt Default Trend in Mercantile Bank Limited




Words: 1696 (7 pages)

INTRODUCTORY  Preface Now a day present world especially the Asian countries are going through an economic recession. Though the Asian economic crisis began few years back and it is some how tackled today but the 11 September incident aggravated the disorder in the economic infrastructure of our country. Our economy is much dependent on foreign…

Accrual and Cash Accounting



Words: 1866 (8 pages)

Question One: The accounting profession by and large supports the position that accrual accounting provides a better indicant of an endeavor ‘s current and future ability to bring forth hard currency flow than information based on hard currency grosss and payments. With mention to a company of your pick ( I ) explain the difference…

The Hotels Financial Strategies Include Budgeting And Cash Flow Management Accounting




Words: 1102 (5 pages)

Harmonizing to Fabozzi ( 2002 ) , the hotels require fiscal schemes in the direction. Financial scheme provides information of the fiscal public presentation and the assorted looks related to the operation every bit good as allotment of financess to the different concern sections. Hotels may get down concentrating on doing usage of this scheme…

Accrual Basis over Cash Basis Accounting



Words: 439 (2 pages)

There are two accounting methods that companies use to describe grosss and disbursals. The two methods are the accrual footing and hard currency footing. The difference in the accounting procedures will basically alter the manner the organisation reports its hard currency. so a determination must be made anterior to entering any minutess. Accrual Basis Accounting…

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Which is better to use cash or credit cards essay?
One may see benefits in using cash, while another may see benefits in using credit. However, the statistics are in favor of using cash, not credit. Using cash is a better decision than using credit, because cash is harder to let go of than credit, credit makes one go into more debt, and credit has risks and fees.
Which is better to use cash or credit cards explain your opinion Use reasons and examples?
Credit cards are more convenient and secure compared to carrying cash. As long as you can pay your bill in full then a credit card is a logical and desirable alternative to cash for in-person purchases and a necessary tool for online transactions. When you want additional warranty or purchase protection.
Why is cash useful?
By carrying cash, we avoid the chance that credit and debit card payments may not be available. Inclusion: Notes and coins are crucial to prevent the exclusion of vulnerable groups like the elderly or low-income households who may have less access to digital payment means.

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