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Major Concerns of Today’s Companies is the Shortage of Labor

Baby boomers


Words: 1754 (8 pages)

One of the major concerns of today’s companies is the shortage of labor, especially in management. The baby boomers are nearing retirement age in the United States and the birth rate is dropping. These circumstances, coupled with the booming economy are the main causes of the labor shortage. There is a high demand for labor…

Derf’s Theory and the Meaning of the Cartoon

Baby boomers


Words: 1648 (7 pages)

Cartoons have been use for many years and its modern usage refers to a typically non-realistic or semi-realistic drawing or painting intended for satire, caricature, or mock different things. John Backderf, known as Derf, is a famous and recognized cartoonist “who works out of an unheated, attic studio in his Cleveland home, grew up in…

Leadership styles: baby boomers and generation x compared

Baby boomers


Words: 3364 (14 pages)

Leadership styles: baby boomers and generation x comparedAs old sayings go, “Time is of the essence” and that “Every second counts”, time has always been the one unchangeable reality that distinguishes members of every generation. Even though parents of their own generation often raise their children in the same way as they were raised, factors…

Women’s 1950’s Roles

Baby boomers


Words: 1302 (6 pages)

Throughout history, the extent of authority that rightfully belongs to women has served a controversial topic among Americans from coast to coast. Just when America began feeling the stabilization of the economy after recovering from the depression, it soon endured another significant change. With the World War II draft in progress, thousands of men would…

Why the Notion that the Beatles Changed the World is a Misconception

Baby boomers


Words: 436 (2 pages)

The Beatles had a minimal effect on the world’s course of events. They jumped on the hippie bandwagon at the perfect time to capitalize from it. Their fame did not reach as far nor did not unify as much as some people would think and they are merely an icon through which baby-boomers reminisce about…

Generational Differences

Baby boomers


Words: 866 (4 pages)

Current Generational Differences in Attitudes toward Religion in America America has five living generations at present forming five distinct groups of individuals. They comprise of the G1 generation (consisting of people born between 1901 and 1926 during the age of the cold war). Next is the mature or silent generation consisting of people born between…

Generations: Boomers and Echos and Nexters – Oh My!

Baby boomers


Words: 3789 (16 pages)

Overview The article “Generations: Boomers and Echos and Nexters – Oh My!” written by Harriet Hankin deals with generational diversity in the workplace. The main focus of the article is the differences of several generations of workers currently trying to thrive, or at least survive, together in today’s workforce. She discusses the different characteristics of…

Stereotypes of the Elderly

Baby boomers


Words: 431 (2 pages)

The baby boomers cohort is soon approaching the last third of their lives while they try to disentangle the many stereotypes the elderly encounters today. The baby boomers are now beginning to attain a new vantage point about getting old. This is the first approaching age cohort in American society that is trying to make…

Сhallenge of Volkswagen: The New Beetle

Baby boomers


Words: 634 (3 pages)

Critical Issues / Background Data: Volkswagen’s challenge is to launch the “New Beetle” with a smaller than typical budget , identify target market segments, and determine the unique value proposition and positioning of the “New Beetle” with effective pricing in the small car category to determine the most effective strategy for the market launch. VW…

Generation Gap: A Family Tree

Baby boomers

Generation Gap


Words: 1357 (6 pages)

As years turn to decades, generations come and go. Each generation holds individual values, goals, and ambitions. These characteristics are what separates each new cohort from its predecessor. As these values change throughout generations, it raises questions such as, are these changes influenced by anything? If so, what by? In order to gain answers to…

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