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Jessica Schimmel – Williams Prize 2005

Stolen Generations


Words: 8256 (34 pages)

Killing Without Murder: Aboriginal Assimilation Policy as Genocide Introduction History is written by the victorious, the saying goes. This is a case of history being rewritten by the victims. From as far back as 1814 and until as recently as 1980, Australian state governments were forcibly removing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their…

Racial Discrimination in Herbie’s Life


Racial Discrimination

Stolen Generations

Words: 1286 (6 pages)

Herbie’s mum (Mrs Waranda) was to humble and afraid to hate the white kids who teased her and the white men who had put her oldest boy in jail on a false charge, and the white women who stared at her as though she was the filth of the nation. This shows that she didn’t…

Continuing Effect of Dispossession on Aboriginal Spiritualties


Stolen Generations

Words: 398 (2 pages)

Discuss the continuing effect of dispossession on aboriginal spiritualties in relation to: * separation from the land * separation from kinship groups * the Stolen Generations Dispossession is the process of the removal of a person or group from land, through the process of law. This dispossession has had a continuing damaging effect through a…

How the segregation & assimilation policies impact


Stolen Generations

Words: 2043 (9 pages)

ed on Aboriginal fam2. Compare and contrast the segregation and assimilation policies in relation to the impact they had on the Aboriginal family life. Aboriginal family life has been disrupted and forcibly changed over the last two hundred years, as a result of the many segregation and assimilation policies introduced by Australian governments. Often a…

Aborigines And Their Place In Politics


Stolen Generations

Words: 2222 (9 pages)

, Research Paper For much of their history, Australia’s major parties did non comprehend a demand to hold? Aboriginal personal businesss? policies, but this altered in the sixtiess and 1970s as the Aboriginal involvement came to busy a more outstanding place. The policies of recent major authoritiess, those being the Australian Labor Party ( ALP…

Kevin Rudd Sorry Speech Analysis Sample

Speech Analysis

Stolen Generations

Words: 350 (2 pages)

Kevin Rudd ( Prime Minister at the clip ) made an apology to the “Stolen Generation” from the Parliament House. Canberra. 2008. The “Stolen Generation” were the kids of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent who were removed from the Australian Federal and State authorities bureaus and church missions. under the Acts of the…

Attempted Aboriginal Genocide in Rabbit Proof Fence

Rabbit Proof Fence

Stolen Generations

Words: 1480 (6 pages)

The exploitation and colonizing of the Australian Aborigines by the British settlers in the early 20th century is evident through Rabbit-Proof Fence by Doris Pilkington. Historical background information has provided a deeper understanding into the “stolen generations”; hence, we further understand the struggles Daisy, Molly, Gracie and their families had to go through. The kidnapping…

The Sense of Belonging – We Belong or Alienated


Stolen Generations

Words: 555 (3 pages)

The sense of belonging is something that we will all feel whether we mean to or not, if it is for good or bad, if we feel we belong or alienated. This sense of belonging can come through our family, friends, likes and dislikes, backgrounds and opinions. This belonging gives us connections to other people…

Frequently Asked Questions about Stolen Generations

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How did the stolen generation suffer?
Children experienced neglect, abuse and they were more likely to suffer from depression, mental illness and low self-esteem. They were also more vulnerable to physical, psychological and sexual abuse in state care, at work, or while living with non-Indigenous families.
What did the Stolen Generations do?
The Stolen Generations refers to a period in Australia's history where Aboriginal children were removed from their families through government policies. ... The children were denied all access to their culture, they were not allowed to speak their language and they were punished if they did.
What is the stolen generation known as?
The Stolen Generations refers to a period in Australia's history where Aboriginal children were removed from their families through government policies. ... These children are known as the Stolen Generations survivors, or Stolen Children.
What is the Stolen Generation summary?
The Stolen Generations refers to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children who were removed from their families between 1910 and 1970. This was done by Australian federal and state government agencies and church missions, through a policy of assimilation.

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