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Essay – What’s in the water



Words: 977 (4 pages)

Comp IIIPer 4What’s in the water? That’s the question the characters in this book wondered too. White shark is a story about a monster in the water that makes Jaws look like a goldfish!The year is 1945.There was a German U-boat that was carrying a few of these ” White Sharks”. The submarine began to…

The Conservation Dilemma: The Ethical Debate Surrounding the Killing of Sharks



Words: 345 (2 pages)

Sharks, fearsome predators, have always fascinated mankind. Their prominence has propagated misinformation, harming their ecosystems. This article discusses shark hunting ethics and practicalities. Sharks sustain ocean ecosystems. Apex predators control prey populations to ensure biodiversity and environmental stability. Sharks balance ecosystems by limiting illness and cycling nutrients. Humans threaten sharks everywhere. Exploitation, habitat destruction, and…

Blacktip Shark: An Icon of the Ocean’s Majesty



Words: 517 (3 pages)

The majestic Blacktip Shark may be found in all waters around the globe. Its allure enchants everyone. The magnificent grandeur and deadly power of aquatic species are shown by the Blacktip Shark’s sleek body, stunning black-tipped fins, and incredible swimming abilities. This article describes the anatomy, ecology, and conservation efforts of the shark in order…

Sharks: Their Environmental Impact




Words: 861 (4 pages)

Impacts on humans Sharks have always been seen as a dangerous animal that we should be afraid of but for the most part, they usually aren’t very aggressive toward humans. From the 400 known species of shark, only 30 of those species have been in unprovoked attacks and only 15 of those 30 species were…

All about Goblin sharks




Words: 1782 (8 pages)

Genus- Species-Authority-Date Goblin sharks were first given a genus when they did not match into any genera of the living or fossil record of lamniform. Zoologist David Starr Jordan identified the shark and gave it a genus named after Professor Kakichi Mitsukuri, the professor from Japan whom the shark was brought over by from the…

A hawaiian roller coaster ride

Healthy Lifestyle



Words: 803 (4 pages)

An activity that welcomes all no matter the age or size, surfing for some become a lifestyle and the ocean becomes their home. The ocean is a surfer home but it is an also a sharks’ domain, so we should do our best to protect it. People know the risk they take when they go…

How I visited a shark’s mouth

Personal Experience


Words: 715 (3 pages)

After the successful afternoon of shopping, my best friend Matilda and I headed back to the cottage from the unbearable heat and were dying for a swim; it was the perfect escape from ninety-eight degree heat. In a quick few seconds, we had our bathing suits on and headed toward the beach. As we splashed…

Shark attacks. Is it really as say on TV?




Words: 644 (3 pages)

Sharks are known as the dangers of the sea. When people hear about sharks, they relive the bloody, horrific scenes from the 1975 movie, Jaws. Since the 1980s, the number of shark attacks has increased (Huveneers, Whitmarsh, Thiele, Meyer, Fox, & Bradshaw, 2018). Likewise, the media covering these attacks and fatalities has risen as well,…

Spiny Dogfish (Squalus acanthias)




Words: 952 (4 pages)

For my Lab Animal research project I will be discussing the Spiny Dogfish (Squalus Acanthias) and its contribution to our society through biomedical research. This dogfish has large eyes, a pointed snout with spines in front of its two dorsal fins (Bester, 2018). In front of each dorsal fin they have spiky, ungrooved, venomous spines,…

Filmic Techniques to Build Tension in Film Jaws Analysis



Words: 6897 (28 pages)

Steven Speilberg directed the epic blockbuster film,Jaws, alongside producers David Brown and Richard D. Zanuck. He is an American film director, producer, screenwriter and undoubtedly one of the most influential personalities in the history of filmmaking. Additionally, Spielberg is the highest grossing filmmaker of all time and his movies have earned in the region of…

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