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Ways and Habits to Reduce the Carbon Footprint in My Life



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    My carbon footprint in global acres by consumption category is 203. 61. This result was bigger than expected. So that’s why think have to make some changes in my life to reduce my carbon footprint. For example, using cleaner transport such as walk, bike or take public transit whatever possible. My vehicle has serviced regularly to keep the emission control systems operating at peak efficiency. Adding energy-saving features to your home is really necessary such as installing compact fluorescent bulbs in all your home light fixtures, insulating your water heater, choosing energy efficient appliances.

    In addition, should adopt energy-saving habits such as unplugging your electronics when not in use, drying your clothes outside whenever possible, defrosting your refrigerator and freezer regularly. Besides, eating more local, organic, in-season foods, choosing sustainable building materials, furnishings, and cleaning products, adopting water-saving habits and reducing your goods and services footprint are also good ways to help me reducing carbon footprint in my life.

    In my opinion, businesses also should have some activities to reduce their arbor footprint such as printing less stuff in office, turning off everything equipment before they leave the office each day, using less heat and air conditioner. If they have enough to be able to afford an office remodel, go green from the floor to the skylights. Use CEO-friendly flooring options made from renewable or recycled materials. Use sustainable fabrics made from hemp or bamboo for window coverings, or get them second hand. Moreover, businesses should educate and encourage their employees learn how to adopt saving habits.

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