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What is Сarpooling?



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    Carpooling is when 2 or more people who are or aren’t related all ride in one car when they are going to the same place. People should carpool more often. Why should people car pool more? Because in a way it is healthier for the environment we live in. This is Healthier for the environment because the fewer cars there are on the road you reduce the carbon offset into the atmosphere lowering the rate of global warming which reduces the risk of any environmental hazards that can affects.

    Driving is a multi-task activity that requires decision making hand eye co-ordination, good reflexes, and an alert mind. Even if you don’t realize it, is an activity which can make you tired Ride a few days instead of driving and feel the difference for yourself. One main reason why it’s better to carpool is because you save on gas. Gasoline is essentially a non-renewable source of energy. Gas can be a big issue especially if you don’t have enough money for it. By taking a couple of passengers with you, you can easily reduce your travel costs by 75%.

    Gas costs can be lowered but also get real high any time causing a big dilemma, carpooling can avoid in some way this issue. When carpooling you also save on parking costs and energy. Another reason to carpool is to reduce traffic congestion. Less traffic the faster and easier it is to get places. In conclusion, these are the reasons why think carpooling is very beneficial. It helps with the environment, its CEO-friendly, it saves a lot of money, and it is also an easier way to travel together with friends and family.

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