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Genting Group SWOT Analysis


Swot Analysis

Words: 442 (2 pages)

From the liquidity position of GMB, it is true to say that GMB does not need to rely on external funding to fund its operations thus saving it from finance costs and also fulfilling its shareholders needs of maximising wealth. In Malaysia, GMB’s main resort, Genting Highlands Resort, is situated at the peak of a…

Legalize Gambling In Texas



Words: 1572 (7 pages)

INTRODUCTION:      We have heard of stories where one pilot won lottery twice in a row. We have also heard of stories of greenhorn gamblers winning a thousand U.S. dollars worth in a  one night casino stand.  There are many advantages and disadvantages of setting up  gambling joints. The following paragraphs discusses in detail the…

A Bet Against Internet Gambling



Words: 1170 (5 pages)

I love gambling. Who doesnt? The minute you walk into a casino you are overwhelmed by exciting noises, flashing lights and people having a good time. There is so much excitement it isnt hard to become addicted, especially after your first big win. The rush you get from winning is something that is hard to…

Peace and Unity – The Gaming Entertainment Industry



Words: 4935 (20 pages)

Recreation and Leisure ( reporting) _______________________________ A requirement presented to MR. CHRISTIAN TANO Faculty- Bachelor of Science in Office Administration Bacolod City College- Fortune Towne Campus Bacolod City ________________________________ In partial fulfillment of the requirements in the subject TOURISM MANAGEMENT ( OM 4) ____________________________ 1st semester AY 2013- 2014 October 9, 2013 Introduction As the…

Bad Habit – Gambling



Words: 404 (2 pages)

Bad Gambling Habits Gambling is a perfectly healthy hobby as long as gamblers are still in control of when to stop. To win at gambling, one must know when to quit, because quitting while you’re ahead is the best chance of winning at a casino. If gambling has become an addiction and one continuously seeks…

The Pros and Cons of Gambling Legalizing



Words: 548 (3 pages)

Whether or not to legalize gambling is a tough decision. The pros and cons of the question are almost equal, and while some say it will boost economy others say it can destroy it. No one argues that gambling is a big, profitable business, they only question whether it is a business doing good, or…

Gambling Addiction Comes In Many Forms


Gambling Addiction

Words: 614 (3 pages)

One percent of households around the world suffer from a family member with a problem gambling addiction. Lotteries have been a part of human history since its beginning.(Ariya 1) The gambling and lottery industries are growing ever bigger every day making billions of dollars. Getting sucked into the system is all too easy and it…

Background And Development Of Ir In Singapore Tourism



Words: 2661 (11 pages)

The execution of the Garden City motion after 70 old ages, the rapid development of touristry industry particularly incorporate resorts in Singapore has become one of state’s economic pillars, and visitants chiefly from China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Australia and other states and parts ( Edgar and Taylor, 1996 ). Tourism in Singapore is a major…

Casinos in Ohio Persuasive Speech


Persuasive Speech

Words: 729 (3 pages)

Introduction With the recent economic downturn, building and operating Casinos in Ohio can be a solution. Attention Material (focus attention on problem): The problem is Ohio, as with the rest of the United States, is in the midst of an economic downturn. What else are we basing Ohio’s economy on? Certainly not manufacturing, this is…

The Bahamas: Against a National Lottery



Words: 1435 (6 pages)

The Islands of the Bahamas, located just southeast of Florida is a chain of islands that make up a tiny yet proud country in the Caribbean. Currently the government of the Bahamas, based on the British parliamentary system, is debating on the legalization of a national lottery for the country. Since the Bahamas is a…

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How do you describe a casino?
A casino is a facility for certain types of gambling. Casinos are often built near or combined with hotels, resorts, restaurants, retail shopping, cruise ships, and other tourist attractions. Some casinos are also known for hosting live entertainment, such as stand-up comedy, concerts, and sports.
What are the benefits of casino?
Many states have approved commercial casino gambling primarily because they see it as a tool for economic growth. The greatest perceived benefits are increased employment, greater tax revenue to state and local governments, and growth in local retail sales.
What is the purpose of a casino?
The main purpose of casino is to give entertainment to the player. It comes with restaurant, hotels and with the shopping malls. Some casinos are there who hosts sports and entertainment events. In early days casino was known as villa or summer house which means pleasure.

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