Issue: Setting Up an Integrated Resort in Singapore

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On 8th February 2007, Singapore government had put across the proposal of developing Marina Bay into an integrated resort. The IR at Marina Bay is envisaged to be a large-scale iconic lifestyle product that will enhance Singapore’s reputation as a premium, “must-visit” destination for leisure and business visitors, and sharpen Singapore’s competitiveness. It is also envisioned to be a modern, architecturally distinctive, urban and well-integrated development which is appropriate to its prime downtown location and which can differentiate itself from IRs in other global cities. Source: http://app. stb. gov. sg/asp/new/new03a. asp? id=4584) Thus, the Singapore government is attempting to reinvigorate the Singapore economy and boost the economy through the creation of 10000 to 15000 jobs. Unemployment rate would be reduced and many undergraduates need not worry as much as before about securing their jobs if they had done the course on managing an integrated resort. Currently, Ngee Ann Polytechnic is one of the polytechnics offering such related courses.

Next, the integrated resort had already received strong support from various organizations as seen from the numerous proposals being submitted in. Examples are hotels, the infamous casino and many other food and beverages-related industries. The wide range of services provided is sure to attract tourists all over the world and Singaporeans alike. Therefore, it is very likely that the IR would be successful in achieving its goals of improving and boosting the economy.

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Despite the benefits listed, there are several concerns raised by some Singaporeans and various religious leaders. The introduction of a casino in Singapore is very worrying for many because there is the threat of gambling addiction. The concern is that if the breadwinner of a family has unfortunately caught the habit of gambling, what would happen to him and his family? They would likely end up in debts and be living from day to day, without any security and assurance.

Furthermore, what would happen to our society if the younger generations are also addicted to gambling? Chances are, that their whole life would be ruined. The society would also be affected negatively as many people would become homeless when they cannot pay their debts and the bank comes to confiscate their houses. Thus, it is up to the individuals to decide for themselves if setting up and IR has more of benefits or disadvantages, by taking action to safeguard our moral values and principles, starting Now.

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