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The Seven Stages of Sermon Communication

Cognitive Dissonance



Words: 933 (4 pages)

In preaching there can be a breakdown in communication at any stage of the seven step. Communication gap only occurs if there is a contact between people and exposure to one another and to ideas. Analysis shows that preaching in an oral transmission of a biblical message in a sermon is not always a process…

Mistakes Were Made Short Summary

Cognitive Dissonance



Words: 549 (3 pages)

Many of us can relate to feeling regularly frustrated, thinking, “Why is it so hard for us to admit our mistakes? ” Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson’s book, Mistakes Were Made (But Not by Me), focuses on why people justify bad decisions, beliefs, and actions. It also offers suggestions about how we might be able to…

Communication: cognitive dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance


Words: 2624 (11 pages)

The origin of cognitive dissonance theories is frequently attributed to the writings of the American social psychologist Leon Festinger. Festinger (1957) described the experience of cognitive dissonance as resulting from a need for psychological consistency that follows a “non-fitting relation among cognitions” (Festinger, 3) that exists between pairs of elements. Elements refer to cognition, which…

Cognitive Dissonance Leon Festinger

Cognitive Dissonance

Words: 2093 (9 pages)

How do human beings make decisions? What triggers a person to take action at any given point? These are allquestions that I will attempt to answer with my theoretical research into Leon Festinger’s theory of cognitive dissonance, as well as many of the other related theories. We often do not realize the psychological events that…

The Power of Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance

Words: 1349 (6 pages)

Theory Paper on Cognitive Dissonance Theory “Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core…

Essay about Cognitive Dissonance Theory

Cognitive Dissonance

Words: 609 (3 pages)

Why do human beings make the decisions that they do, and what triggers a person to take action at any given point? These questions can be answered by evaluating the Cognitive Dissonance Theory. Leon Festinger developed this theory in order to explain why people attempt to reduce dissonance and try to maintain constant relationships. A…

Cognitive Dissonance affecting Groupthink and Deindividuation

Cognitive Dissonance

Words: 561 (3 pages)

The theory of Cognitive dissonance was developed by Leon Festinger.  It is concerned with relationships among cognitions.  Cognition maybe thought of as a piece of knowledge.  The knowledge may be about an attitude, an emotion, a behavior, a value, and so on.  Let me give you an example.  The knowledge that you like the color…

A case study on Sands Macao Limited


Cognitive Dissonance

Customer Satisfaction


Marketing Mix


Words: 16852 (68 pages)

The main purpose of this study is to identify what health values are perceived to exist and be important in Sands Macao Limited.  To do this the study aims to determine the amount of respondent perception on the achievement of seven important organizational outcomes — effectiveness, efficiency, quality, productivity, innovation, profitability and quality of work…

Case Study- Ethels Chocolate Lounge


Cognitive Dissonance

Words: 998 (4 pages)

To understand what makes Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges successful, one must first understand the process that is Consumer Buying. One may think a consumer just opens the fridge and realizes, “Oh! I am out of milk; I should run out and procure another. ” However, it is much more complicated than that. CONSUMER BUSINESS PROCESS The…

The Effect of Cognitive Dissonance Prevention Program Variables on Eating Disorder 

Cognitive Dissonance


Eating Disorder

Words: 2814 (12 pages)

There are many young women in the United States who suffer from eating disorders and never get treated. Eating disorders not only detriment your physical health but your mental health as well and can even become a fatal illness if not treated. That is why it is crucial to advance research into discovering the most…

Frequently Asked Questions about Cognitive Dissonance

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How does cognitive dissonance relate to decision making?
Cognitive dissonance occurs when a person believes in two contradictory things at the same time. Within investing and in other areas, failing to resolve it can lead to irrational decision-making. Cognitive dissonance is a mental conflict that occurs when your beliefs don't line up with your actions. It's an uncomfortable state of mind when someone has contradictory values, attitudes, or perspectives about the same thing.
What is an example of cognitive dissonance in everyday life?
Another common example of cognitive dissonance is the rationalization that takes place when people dieting “cheat.” How many times have you committed to healthy eating when a doughnut, muffin, or another delicious-looking food item threatened to take you off course? Maybe you thought, “Eh, it's only one doughnut.
What is cognitive dissonance essay?
Cognitive Dissonance Cognitive dissonance is a theory defined as “the discomfort people feel when two cognitions (beliefs, attitudes) conflict, or when they behave in ways that are inconsistent with their conception of themselves” (Aronson, 2016, pg. 158).
What is cognitive dissonance provide an example?
Cognitive dissonance causes feelings of unease and tension, and people attempt to relieve this discomfort in different ways. Examples include “explaining things away” or rejecting new information that conflicts with their existing beliefs.

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