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Contrasting Literacy Approaches: Multisensory Method vs. Four Blocks Approach



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The Orton-Gillingham approach to reading instruction is language-based and uses a multisensory approach to teaching the phonemic structure of the written language, specifically to people who are dyslexic.  There are three main features of this approach: 1.                          Multisensory: In this feature, the teachings are based on action, using auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and tactile elements.  Basically,…

Enabling learning and assessment



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Assessment is crucial in teaching for all subjects and courses, both in practical and theory work. The first assessment is used to confirm that students are enrolled in the appropriate course. Ongoing differentiated formative assessments are conducted during the learning process, culminating in a summative assessment that typically results in a grade or pass. Assessment…

Dyslexia Disorder Nowadays Information



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Dyslexia is a learning disorder that makes reading, writing, math, etc. difficult for people. The kind of alphabet a person uses can also affect the way dyslexia affects them. Neuroscientist Guinevere Eden of Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, D.C., says that new study shows how different writing systems can direct the development of distinct…

Managing Diversity in the Classroom



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Managing Diversity in the Classroom Introduction In a regular classroom, there is a wide range of diversity of students. They are different in gender, culture, social class and learning ability. Some students may have learning difficulty or disability. When they receive education in school, it is necessary to adopt special education strategies. In this essay,…

Impression of the Article on Dyslexia Disability



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Kentucky was not listed so the dues are $117. Depending on your special interest in CE Divisions other fees apply. For example you could join the council of administrator of special education for $60 or the division of research for $29. CE provides many opportunities for professional development. They offer CE convention and expo, CE…

Video Games and Attentional Control



Video Games

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The video game industry is thriving like never before. According to a 2018 study, 60% of Americans report playing video games daily (Entertainment Software Association, 2015). Red Dead Redemption 2, released by Rockstar Games in October of 2018, recently made a splash by breaking the record for the biggest opening weekend in entertainment history, raking…

Frequently Asked Questions about Dyslexia

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How do you explain what dyslexia is?
Dyslexia (dis-LEK-see-uh) is a type of learning disability. A child with a learning disability has trouble processing words or numbers. There are several kinds of learning disabilities — dyslexia is the term used when people have trouble learning to read, even though they're smart enough and want to learn.
What is a good thesis statement for dyslexia?
1.3 Thesis statement One of the causes of dyslexia among children is genetic inheritance. There are also several effect that we found which are children dyslexia tend to have low self-esteem and difficulties in learning skills.
Why Dyslexia is a gift?
Davis explained that dyslexia is a gift because it allows highly visual people to think laterally around a problem, and to think multi-dimensionally instead of from one perspective.

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