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Semen Banking and Gaushalas: An Important Partners Situ Conservation of Cattle Biodiversity


Words: 2198 (9 pages)

The indigenous cattle breeds and their diversity have evolved over a long period of time and developed as milch, draught or dual purpose breeds. Many of these breeds in spite of their satisfactory performance in low input system are fast depleting due to their economical non-viability, hence there is an urgent need of preserving this…

Florida everglades conservation


Words: 1211 (5 pages)

Introduction Florida everglade is found in the southern part of United States, in a curtain state known as Florida. It is a subtropical marshland. The Florida Everglades area contains Loxahatchee National wildlife refuge, Everglades’s national park and finally it contains water conservation areas. All the above mentioned fall under one name this is the Florida…

The Nature’s New Deal


The New Deal

Words: 642 (3 pages)

In the writer for the most part addresses how the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) played the major role in President Roosevelt’s New Deal Era. What Neil Mayer attempts to argue is the connection between U.S politics and the subject of conservation is the United States. There was a successful attempt to argue that the CCC…

Neil M. Maher “Nature’s New Deal”



The New Deal

Words: 618 (3 pages)

In the introduction he introduces the concept of politics and nature conservation converges. He argues that there exist landscapes where politics and conservation connect and emphasizes that the focus on landscape and how it developed from the New Deal era. This era was the most transformative to the public in regards to the federal government…

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