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Cooperation Essays

Competition vs Cooperation

Nowadays one of the common discussions in children education is competition and co-operation roles. These two themes have their own advantages and disadvantages but in general co-operation is more accepted by public. Competition has always been a way to help children to improve their abilities in education; however it is not always beneficial to them. …

The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of The Opera is the story about triangle love between The Phantom, Christine Daae, and Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny. A man who is called The Phantom of The Opera lives alone beneath the opera house. His frightening face is a torment for him and he does not want people to see his face, …

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Nepal-India Water Resources Cooperation: a Critical Review

Nepal has been touted to be rich in water resources and the proper utilization of her vast water resources and the intensification of the tourism industry are considered as one way ride to economic prosperity that the region of South Asia has not been able to boast of till date. This belief highly publicized, especially …

South-South Cooperation

Basically speaking, the biggest bottleneck in the development world economy is the unbalanced development of developing countries. Over long time, the unequal distribution of resource wealth and resource result in the vicious cycle of developing countries. Thus, accelerating economic and social development of developing countries is the important way to achieve prosperity of the world. …

Realism, Neoliberalism and Cooperation: Understanding the Debate

Review of Articles Jervis, Robert. (1999). Realism, Neoliberalism and Cooperation: Understanding the Debate. International Security, 42, 1, 42-63. Robert Jervis in his paper “Realism, Neoliberalism and Cooperation: Understanding the Debate” provides discussion of cooperation and conflict stressing that it is rather enduring task to distinguish among neoliberal institutionalists and realists. Jervis argues that nowadays many …

The Advantages of the Actors over Their Rivals

Assess the extent to which incumbents have an advantage over challengers in congressional elections A common source of debate in American Politics revolves around the existence of Incumbency Advantage. Congressional elections take place every six years in the Senate and every two years in the house, which leads to the question; does already holding office …

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