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Competition vs Cooperation

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Nowadays one of the common discussions in children education is competition and co-operation roles. These two themes have their own advantages and disadvantages but in general co-operation is more accepted by public. Competition has always been a way to help children to improve their abilities in education; however it is not always beneficial to them. Competing itself is a good thing and helps children to gain proper self-confidence as well as challenging with new situations and troubles.

Nevertheless it may get worse if winning becomes the main goal.

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Competition vs Cooperation
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If parents expect their children to win in everything all the time, they will always feel anxious, disappointed and unable to achieve their goals. Broadly speaking, competition may take place in different fields, for instant in term of sport. Competition in individual sports such as wrestling or boxing is frequently a good way to motivate athletes to win.

Meanwhile, in some others such as football which co-operation of every team member is essential for victory it is not really suggested; because each member may tempt to compete with his teammates and try to score a goal himself to become famous among people and this will cause to lose the game.

In new Education, teamwork is very important. Co-operation of each person can help the team to succeed. Teamwork makes children to become more sociable and they learn to co-operate with each other in order to be victorious. In this case, members care about each other and their achievements.

They get trained to help each other and share their knowledge. As an illustration, in producing an animation, teamwork is always required. If everyone works individually and doesn’t care about others, the outcome would be very terrible. To sum up, balancing between competition and co-operation should be always noticed in order to become successful. Co-operating and competing are two things that could never be separated. Parents should encourage their children to co-operate and compete in a healthy way in order to become more successful adults in the future.

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Competition vs Cooperation. (2018, Mar 13). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/competition-vs-cooperation-essay/

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