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Essays on Crash

Tragic Mid-Air Crash of PSA Flight

Running head: MID-AIR OF PSA FLIGHT 182 OVER SAN DIEGO Mid-Air of PSA Flight 182 and its Impacts on U. S. Aviation Lance Paston Utah Valley University Abstract This paper reviews the tragic mid-air crash of PSA flight 182 and Cessna N7711G a Cessna 172 over San Diego and its resulting FAA rules and regulation …

American Airlines Flight 1572 Crash Analysis

On November 12, 1995, an American Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-83 type passenger aircraft, which was operating as Flight 1572, departed from Chicago O’Hare International (ORD); however, the aircraft got substantially damaged due to impact to the top of oak trees on Peak Mountain Ridge in East Granby, Connecticut. The aircraft also hit the Instrument Landing …

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Dot-Com Crash Case Study

Are their incentives aligned properly with their intended role? Whose incentive was more misaligned? The institutions and intermediaries who are aligned are: FSAB, VC, Investors. FSAB is just a standard board whilst the other two are investing in companies which they think will be good and have incentive to pick the right companies. The misaligned …

A Plane Crash Story

A flight I can never forget “Please fasten your seat belt sir. ” The voice of the flight steward woke me back from my reverie. After what seemed like thousands of years, finally, I was taking a long break from my official and marital stress. I just couldn’t stop daydreaming about how perfect my vacation …

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