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Factors Affecting Eco-Car Purchasing Decision for Thai Consumers







Words: 919 (4 pages)

Title: Factors affecting Eco-Car purchasing decision for Thai consumers Introduction On the 13 September, 2011 Thai government have pass the policy to return the tax to first car buyers who purchase eco-car which have the engine size not larger than 1500 C. C. and price not more than 1,000,000THB. As we know Thailand is a…

Petrol and Diesel Combustion






mechanical engineering


Words: 396 (2 pages)

INTRODUCTION Conventional diesel and petrol are both produced from mineral oil, but using different refining methods. While diesel is in principle easier to refine than gasoline, it needs to be cleaned from more pollutants to ensure that tailpipe emissions remain as low as possible. However, diesel contains more energy than petrol and the vehicle’s engine…

High Speed Electric Actuator Designs For Improved Air Intake




Words: 747 (3 pages)

In this environment friendly era, every OEM and car manufacturers are trying every possible approach to control and regulate emissions from car and follow regulations related to ecology. This has led to produce more clean and downsized engines. As it is known that electric actuation can help in controlling the actuators to actuate the flap…

Industry and Machine Manufacturing in the UK


Steam engine

Words: 310 (2 pages)

In the later part of the sass the manual labor based economy of the Kingdom of Great Britain began to be replaced by one dominated by industry and the manufacture of machinery. It started with the mechanization of the textile industries, the development of iron-making techniques and the increased use of refined coal. Once started…

Why Did the Industrial Revolution Begin in Britain?

Industrial Revolution

Steam engine

Words: 1187 (5 pages)

Why did the Industrial Revolution begin in Britain? Before the 18th century, most people lived off of the land, as they had done so for many generations. But in the next 150 years, there was an explosion of new ideas and technological inventions that changed the way we work, live and play. 1 This period…

Compare and contrast nationalism and industrialism


Steam engine

Words: 1008 (5 pages)

Nationalism and Industrialism are two historically significant ideological movements that have shaped and changed people’s perception of society’s inner workings and functions through innovative concepts and systems. These two movements served as factors of change, establishing a revolution of ideas and ideologies that led to rapid cultural changes throughout the United States, Europe, and other…

The Industrial Revolution: A World Phenomenon?

Industrial Revolution

Steam engine

Words: 1659 (7 pages)

Most people lived on or very close to the land that provided their food. Expect for a few exceptions, life expectancy never rose above 35 or below 25. Education was a privilege not a right. In all those millennia, we never developed a weapon that could kill more than a couple dozen people at once,…

Industrial Revolution1

Industrial Revolution

Steam engine

Words: 1434 (6 pages)

Prior to the 18th century, in the United States and Western Europe, the majority of the population lived on farms. However, during the 1700’s many remarkable new innovations came into being which caused an upheaval of sorts. “New forms of power, such as steam, replaced animal strength and human muscle. The factory system of making…

Inventions in the Romantic Era (1785-1832)


Steam engine

Words: 780 (4 pages)

It is interesting to find more about the inventions in the Romantic era and how they affected the society of the past and the present. Some of these inventions were electric motor, steam power and gas lighting. In an electric motor, electrical energy is changed into mechanical energy. There were many people who were said…

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How do you explain an engine?
An engine is some machine that converts energy from a fuel to some mechanical energy, creating motion in the process. Engines - such as the ones used to run vehicles - can run on a variety of different fuels, most notably gasoline and diesel in the case of cars.
What is the engine introduction?
An engine or motor is a machine designed to convert one or more forms of energy into mechanical energy. ... Apart from heat engines, electric motors convert electrical energy into mechanical motion, pneumatic motors use compressed air, and clockwork motors in wind-up toys use elastic energy.
Why is an engine important?
The engine is a lot like the brain of a car. It holds all the power necessary to help your car function. And without it, your car would be nothing. But there are multiple car engine types out there on the road.

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