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Desire Essays

Desire, Molly Peacock

Desire, Molly Peacock (1947It doesn’t speak and it isn’t schooled,like a small foetal animal with wettened fur.It is the blind instinct for life unruled,visceral frankincense and animal myrrh.It is what babies bring to kings,an eyes-shut, ears-shut medicine of the heartthat smells and touches endings and beginningswithout the details of time’s experienced part-fit-into-part-fit-into-part. Like a paw,it …

Review of Book “Feeding Desire” by Rebecca Popenoe

I remembering watching a talk show that Jessica Simpson had appeared on a few years ago. She had gained a few pounds and was discussing all the negative feedback she had been getting from the public. Because of this experience she started a reality show called “The Price of Beauty” where she travels around the …

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Memory and Desire

Memory and Desire both influences an individual’s reaction to events both past and present, therefore positioning one’s expectation of the future Both Memory and desire influence an individual’s response to the nature of events of the past and the present. Like the ebb and flow of the waves seen in 30 Years in the Wilderness …

Is the Play ” a Streetcar Named Desire” a Tragedy for Blanche or Stella?

Aristotle stated “the structure of the best tragedy should…be… complex” representing” incidents arousing pity and fear “. It’s understood that the focus of tragedy is human suffering and a tragedy must be accessible to audiences, creating a shared catharsis. Although Aristotle refers to classical tragedies, a domestic tragedy like “A Streetcar Named Desire” ensures a …

The Achievement of Desire

The Achievement of Desire In his writing, Richard Rodriguez describes himself as a “scholarship boy”, a label he read about in Hoggart’s book, The Uses of Literacy. His description of himself and Hoggart’s description of a scholarship boy do seem to align with each other in various ways, which Rodriguez points out in his essay. …

Richard Rodriguez s’ The Achievement of Desire

The Achievement of Desire is a story self-identity and culture. Having grown up with parents who remained with the traditions of their Hispanic culture, Richards s ambition to learn, and to be like his teachers, separated him from his roots. Almost immediately at a young age Richard realizes learning requires quiet time and space that …

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