Desire, Molly Peacock Essay

Desire, Molly Peacock (1947

It doesn’t speak and it isn’t schooled,
like a small foetal animal with wettened fur.
It is the blind instinct for life unruled,
visceral frankincense and animal myrrh.
It is what babies bring to kings,
an eyes-shut, ears-shut medicine of the heart
that smells and touches endings and beginnings
without the details of time’s experienced part-
fit-into-part-fit-into-part - Desire, Molly Peacock Essay introduction. Like a paw,
it is blunt; like a pet who knows you
and nudges your knee with its snout—but more raw
and blinder and younger and more divine, too,
than the tamed wild—it’s the drive for what is real,
deeper than the brain’s detail: the drive to feel(         ) .

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Desire is not something that is learned or enforced upon a person. It springs automatically from inside of him, a craving that follows no rules and awakens inner sensations. It is an inner craving  that longs to be satisfied through the senses


Paraphrase :


Desire  does not express itself through voices nor is it being learned  like a newly born innocent animal minding his own business. It follows no rules. Its origin is from deep within; a pleasant sensation arising without command like a craving a king has for  an heir to make him  complete. It is waiting inside to be released; it is peculiar to you, at first it gently awakens your senses as a domestic pet would but the pet becomes a tamed wild animal waking wild heavenly sensations inside. Desire is an   inner force that exists; overriding intellectual explanation or description. Desire longed to be satisfied not  intellectually   but through experience of the senses.

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