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John Berger on Drawing






Visual Arts

Words: 6740 (27 pages)

This essay will turn to the topic of pulling. The chief starting point will be the thoughts of John Berger on Drawing. These thoughts can be summed up into three chief constructs: Drawing as observation, pulling as memory and drawing as showing thoughts. Although pulling from observation was of cardinal importance in the past today…

Visual, auditory and tactile-kinesthesia





Learning styles


Words: 803 (4 pages)

Scribbles are named, moves from kinesthesia thinking to imaginative thinking. Use of color is unrealistic and random. Children are egocentric. Attention span of children at this stage is limited to 5 minutes. C) Naming of scribbles. Moves from kinesthesia thinking to imaginative thinking. Not much difference between controlled scribbles and naming scribbles. Naming scribbles relates…

Module 4



Graphic Design



Visual Arts

Words: 1177 (5 pages)

chinese The ___ are credited with the invention of paper around 105 c.e. b The predecessor of the graphite pencil, especially popular during the Renaissance, is charcoal. metalpoint. crayon. pen and ink. pastel. pigment The coloring material in virtually all drawing media is known as ___ c Which of the following media is the most…

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