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The experience that I have had from this tour was unbelievable. It was my first experience visiting a museum online and it left me impressed. Anybody who does not want to move around or does not want to be with a crowd of people, will enjoy a virtual tour. But, the setbacks of a virtual tour are that, if a person is not into reading then will struggle eventually. Somebody like me, who is not really into the cyberworld has been left baffled. The validity of environmental simulation depends on their capacity to replicate responses produced in physical environments. However, very few studies validate navigation differences in immersive virtual environments, even though these can radically condition space perception and therefore alter the various evoked responses.

The environmental simulation using 3D environments and head-mounted display devices, at behavioral level through navigation made it all simple and very practical. Honestly, it feels like the person was there physically. A comparison is undertaken between free exploration of an art exhibition in a physical museum and a simulation of the same experience. At a first perception validation, the virtual museum shows a high degree of presence. Movement patterns in both ‘museums ‘show close similarities, and present significant differences at the beginning of the exploration in terms of the percentage of the area explored and the time taken to undertake the tour. Therefore, the result show that there are significant time-dependent differences in navigation patterns. Subsequently, there are no differences in navigation in virtual and physical museums. These findings support the use of immersive virtual environments as empirical tool in human behavioral research at navigation level. After cumulating the tour, I literally was impressed on how scarcely much information I received from the slides genuinely show a sizeable and voluminous way.

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Since 1974, Evan C. and Marjorie G. Horning have given the museum over 230 works on paper from their collection of old master, and modern prints and drawings. At first sight, the drawing about ‘The Hog ‘looked very scary to my eyes. It looked contemporary as well. A drawing of a wild animal does not look familiar to me. So many things were going through my mind as of how they came up with such an inspiration. On another note, how tiny the space used for the drawing was. Then, how she could just detail them in a small space. Visually examining the artwork, she did back fundamentally was fascinating. Her work for the most part was abstract and soft, the black and white color and material being used was unique, or so they thought. The line was like two dimensional and it was mass. The form is like in an organic sense. For any expressive sense, artists used the abstract form of drawing. She has created an open volume as well reason why we can see some humans behind the hog. She has alternated value and texture to create a sense of rhythm. The artist used some straight lines. The types of drawing I symmetrical. There is no shading, but the drawing is mostly by lines.

The reason why it is asymmetrical is because it has different angles and it is not proportionate from one angle to another. The work is bigger than it is supposed to be. She made it seem big, but on a tiny paper. The artist made everything fit in. the way the artist sized it is like a zoom. The image is larger than it is supposed to be. There is contrast in the drawing. The way it is arranged, shows balance, contrast rhythm, emphasis and unity. To make an effective expression of the artist’s idea of the work. There is a sense of design in the way everything is arranged from the front to the rear of the hog. A distinctive feature of an object or scene which can be seen most clearly close up. Also, a small part of a work of art, enlarged to show a close-up of its features. The hog is the most dominant part of the drawing reason why it has been placed at the front. The artwork is composed mostly of basic elements. Another art element that can describe it in emphasis. The artist used the fog as the focal point. There is a sense of a landscape too.

This a collection from the old master. This is a couple of old colleagues in biochemistry with keen eyes of objects of significance and an enthusiastic desire to learn about the history of art, the doctors built a comprehensive collection of important engravings, etchings, and woodcuts over the course of five decades. The Horning Collection includes several engravings by Albrecht Durer, as well as significant prints by Sebald Beham, Jacques Callot, and Rembrandt van Rijn among many other European works. But in the modern world, personally I think it can be viewed as contemporary. When it was first made, it could have looked modern in those days but as time passed by, it looks old school due to a lack of color. With the hog being tied by the legs, it is clear that there is a sense of property and it meant a lot to the people at the back.

The viewer is supposed to stand in front of it. And the sense we get out of it is that of a myth. I see the subject as ideal but as well as real. It shows the way people used to live before. How animals meant to their lives. How expensive they used to be. The style of work is definitely similar to the style we have seen, and the depiction is realistic. The artist used this material to put ‘time ‘ in perspective because it is contemporary. To the right, you have the landscape and to the left there are people standing in the background.

I choose this drawing because it is rare compared to everything that was around it. And it sure is a popular work.

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