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Bolster Electronics


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Northern Alberta, the oil sands development area surrounding Fort McMurray, is the fastest growing economic area in Canada for several years. Obviously Bolster’s total market share in this area was the highest with one third of the total market share it held national wide. Vickers based in Edmonton, Alberta covered 50% of the local market…

Print vs Electronic Material


Words: 600 (3 pages)

Technology has affected our society, and its surroundings in numerous of different ways. Technology has not only influenced the values of society, but advanced our way of thinking outside the box; it also helped us grow to learn new concepts making life more efficient. Having such technology we were able to develop the tools that…

Electronic Patient Scheduling System


Words: 2452 (10 pages)

1. Understand the problem or opportunity: Heartfelt, a large clinic, would like to implement a new, electronic patient appointment scheduling system to replace the current paper scheduling system. The current system is inefficient, causing long patient waiting times and doctors having to work late because appointments are scheduled too close together. 2. Define the project…

Attractiveness of Consumer Electronics Industry


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Sony MP3 Player 1.                  Attractiveness of Consumer Electronics IndustryThe development of electronic industry has spawned several gadgets and equipments that are getting smaller but more powerful and faster. Two decades ago, portable equipments such as Sony Walkman and was considerably small enough and has attractive capability since it can play audiocassette while the customers walking down…

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