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Electricity crisis

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Pakistan is a country which Has been blessed with all natural resources by Allah Almighty. For the past few years we are facing electricity crisis because the demand of electricity is being more than the production. We have 20 organization including government and private which produce electricity for example WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority), KESC (Karachi Electric Supply Company), IPPs (Independent Power Procedures), and PAEC (Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission). Electricity primary produced from hydropower. Objective:

Although we have all of the natural resources and nuclear power but we are facing load- shedding.

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Electricity crisis
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Electricity is one of the most important, which plays a vital role in the progress of any country. Our economy largely depended on electricity. And we are unable to meet our basic needs so how can we progress and compete with other countries. Background:

Few years back, in 1996 Pakistan has the ability to produce 1500 MW electricity which was more than enough to meet our needs. WAPDA and KESC are responsible for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity throughout the Pakistan.

A decade back we have only increased from 1000 to 2000 MW which shows our poor leadership and mismanagement. Load shedding effects on the rest of the economy. Thesis statement:

Causes of electricity crisis in Pakistan are due to poor technology, corruption and lack of funds. Methodology:
To check our hypothesis and topic, we have conducted a survey. Our sample consists of 10 question and we conduct it from 30 students and teachers. Their ages are ranging from 18-40 years. Our sample is well divided in 15 males and 15 females. Findings:

Pakistan is using Poor Technology in the production of electricity. Electricity is mostly being produced in Pakistan through “Hydrel Power Plant”. In Hydrel Power Plant, two methods are used such as: 1. Dams

2. Run of the river projects
These both methods are based on the water. When water flows through turbine, electricity is produced. Now it is dependent on water and it stores water from raining and the melting of glaciers.

This water is also used for irrigation purposes in summer. If there will be lack of raining and glaciers will not melt then there will be shortage of water and Hydrel power plants will be unable to produce any electricity. The electricity which is supplied from grid stations to houses and buildings through wires have become old and we have to face the loss of 15 to 20 percent of electricity only because of this poor quality wiring. Once electricity is supplied through the main point ( grid station) then it has to face hurdles at different points because the wires has been used so much that they are unable to transfer maximum amount of electricity to the houses and large amount of energy is being wasted by them. The infrastructure is old and deteriorated. The system is unable to sustain extreme weather conditions hence most of the grids shut down at extreme temperature or either completely stops working. Our every dam that is Warsak, Mangla and Tarbela dams have become old that they can’t store water in large quantity and they are unable to produce enough electricity for domestic use even. These dams are out of date now. Lack of funds: is another big reason of this power crisis.

The governments of Pakistan do not have enough funds so that they can make new dams to fulfill the requirement of electricity. This is because companies from different parts of the world do not make any investment in Pakistan due to which Pakistan cannot make money and the government of Pakistan has to face a gigantic crisis in their funds. When the budget is made, a very small amount of money was secured for this production of electricity due to which new projects can’t be made. We have insufficient technical school for training people how to produce electricity and how to use modern technology. We are mainly dependent on oil, gas and water for production of electricity and they are highly expensive and we cannot even afford this expensive production of electricity with this small amount of funds due to which we are highly facing this power crisis. We should install modern technology like Wind power plant, Solar energy etc for cheaper
production of electricity but we have not enough funds to install such kind of modern technologies. As we are all aware of the Prices of petrol changes on weekly basis and we are not strictly bound with international market and its price control department. Due to which of power plants of KESC and WAPDA which are generating electricity from fuel are highly affected and they are bound to produce very expensive electricity and that price has to be paid by the customers . This is done only for the own leisure of the government of Pakistan to make money for themselves by rising the prices of oil from a certain level and due to which county has to suffer from lack of funds. There is also UNEQUAL distribution of electricity in different regions of Pakistan. In Karachi, there is very less amount of energy crisis as compared to all other cities like Lahore, Islamabad, and Multan etc. This is because KESC being privatized is supplying larger electricity to Karachi and the electricity which is being supplied to all other cities are lesser. Corruption: has been made through different power plants projects like Rental Power Plants. The contract was to be made with Turkey that Rental Power Plants will produce the electricity of 16000 MW but they could only produce the electricity of 323 MW. The government was fully aware of this fraud but they themselves were involved in this whole situation for their own benefit. The governmental departments like Railway, Police, and PIA never give their outstanding dues to power supply companies due to which the power supply companies have to face an intense financial loss. The people of Pakistan are also involved in this corruption. They use “Kunda System” to steal electricity which highly illegal. They are also used to slow down the speed and reading of meter so that they could save themselves from paying high amount of bills.

Kala Bagh project was started in 1984 with the help of United Nations under the supervision of World Bank with Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA). The team of this project were asked to complete the Detailed Designs and Contract Documents for making it ready to enter into the implementation stage. This task was completed in another two and half years and the project was ready for start of construction. But unfortunately, this programme could not be settled due to opposition from some Provincial Governments, mainly on political grounds. Repeated efforts were made by
various successive governments but the, so called, consensus could not come to an end because the provinces were against each other for this project and were thinking about their own benefits , ignoring the importance of this project due to which Pakistan had to face the loss of 3.4 billion US dollars. And Pakistan is suffering from a major Energy crisis. Conclusion:

From all these information we conclude that there are many hurdles which should be over come as soon as possible. Government of Pakistan should take firm steps to overcome this problem these are as follow. 1. Line loses: Pakistan is using old and primitive ways for the generation and distribution of electricity throughout the Pakistan. Pakistan actually distributes electricity through long wires which are due to climatic changes are broken and have become old due to which large amount of electricity is wasted during transmission. 2. Inadequate power generation capacity: Government of Pakistan has lesser power houses for production of electricity and due to which they are unable to fulfill the basic needs of their nation. 3. Primitive way of production: Pakistan used old techniques for the generation and distribution of electricity. This is causing shortage of electricity in Pakistan. 4 .Inappropriate distribution system: We are living in scientific era but Pakistani government still use old techniques rather than modern techniques which also cause shortage of electricity. Recommendations:

We shall alternate our old ways of production of with.
1. Nuclear energy: Production of electricity from nuclear power plant is one of new and expensive technique which is efficiently used in many developed countries. To build a nuclear power house it is highly costly and expensive but it includes low fuel cost. 2. Solar energy: It is the most common method which has been using by all developing countries for the generation of electricity. Solar energy is converted into electrical energy by using photovoltaic. Its installation cost is high but it has low maintenance cost. 3. Wind energy: it is the conversion of natural wind into electricity. It is very cheap and economically. 4. Bio-mass and Bio-fuel: Electricity produces from derived animals and plants. It is 2nd largest source of electricity. It is very cheap and effective method.

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Multiple bar chart of our survey

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