Strategies For Ceylon Electricity Board Commerce Analysis

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Ceylon Electricity Board ( CEB ) has a long standing history in this state, for operating since 1968. CEB is presently basking monopoly statues in the energy market in Sri Lanka having about 100 % market portion. The lone rival that CEB faces in Sri Lanka is from lanka electricity company, which CEB has a major shareholding of 55.2 % ( 2010, one-year study ) . It has a high grade of perpendicular integrating holding power coevals, distribution, transmittal, retailing giving it the monopoly statues in Sri Lanka.CEB uses different signifiers of bring forthing energy from fossil fuel to renewable energy beginning such as hydroelectricity. Establishing its presence around the island in the most scenic environments.CEB presently has a registered histories of about 4.4 million occupants in Sri Lanka ( 2010, CEB one-year study ) .

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Case brief

CEB is in a crisis state of affairs due to many internal and external factors that can non be avoided by the board of CEB.The losingss have staked up to Rs.40 Bn which has a strain on the authorities every bit good as the economic system. This is chiefly due to the exchange rate volatility of Sri Lankan rupee and that thermic energy, which requires Diesel to bring forth energy which is imported, therefore exchange volatility.

This study is to the board of CEB on the Strategic analysis, strategic Choice and strategic execution to turn CEB from a loss doing company to a coveted state of affairs for all stakeholders. While researching alternate beginnings that would assist increase the productiveness and efficiency to foster aid CEB ‘s unfavourable situation.decieding on a planning technique to guarantee that operations would be uninterrupted and would cut down the force per unit area on the authorities as this organisation is a province owned operation.


‘To develop and keep an efficient, coordinated and economical system of electricity supply to the whole of Sri Lanka, while adhering to our nucleus values ‘ ( CEB one-year study, 2010 )

Schemes are formulated based on first looking at the Mission and Vision of the company, this would Give a Specific Direction that CEB indented to be in the long term position ( 5-10 old ages ) .CEB intended to Maintain efficient economical systems while supplying a quality service to its clients, which its falling short of due to many proficient lacks and external hardship. The new scheme should straight reflect what the mission statement intended to offer to its stakeholders.

The corporate hierarchy theory

This theoretical account provides an overview to CEB of each Slab that will necessitate appropriate schemes in order to map as an efficient and dynamic house.

  • Cooperate schemes – the overview of the whole organisation and moving as an Index to the stakeholders where the house should be. Corporate schemes must be deiced by the board of managers of CEB as to ‘which Business should CEB be in? ‘ CEB holding many SBU under its parent company umbrella they should measure if the company as a whole is synchronized to one way in the strategic position. Schemes must be formulated in this degree for the hereafter of CEB, if they find future chances in other concern so that they could diversify.
  • Business schemes – All the CEB ‘s SBUs schemes aggregated into one long term program to guarantee the success of the concern from fall ining all the hydro power works schemes to thermic works schemes, IPP Thermal workss and little power manufacturers etc…
  • Functional schemes – include selling schemes, new merchandise development schemes, human resource schemes, fiscal schemes, legal schemes, supply-chain schemes, and information engineering direction schemes. The accent is on short and average term programs and is limited to the sphere of each section ‘s functional duty. Each functional section efforts to make its portion in run intoing overall corporate aims, and hence to some extent their schemes are derived from broader corporate schemes that CEB would hold in topographic point.

After a thorough apprehension of all the degrees of schemes that CEB should be see, a strategic program should be put in topographic point to accomplish a successful scheme. CEB presently operates in a market with monopoly statues. This provides the direction with the chance of utilizing a long term strategic be aftering tool instead than emergent planning.

Critical analysis of Cooperate assessment

Cooperate assessment connects the vision and the aims environmental audit and place audit to understand the procedure connexions better in the organisation. There are twosome of tools that can be used to transport out this assessment such as SWOT Analysis, Value concatenation, GAP analysis, Benchmarking.

When explicating schemes the Internal environment and the external environment of CEB should be critically evaluated in order to do the schemes more value adding and to do it suited to the context and state of affairs the company is presently traveling through. Position audit will be used to see the current place of the governmental organisation and the Environmental analysis will critically measure the factor of the environment that might impact the organisation.

SWOT Analysis of CEB

A critical appraisal of the strengths and failings, chances and dainties ( SWOT analysis ) in relation to the internal and environmental factors impacting an entity in order to set up its status prior to the readying of the long term program ‘ ( Neil Botten, 2009 )

SWOT is a really powerful tool to analyze the current nucleus competences of CEB and do certain they can follow schemes to better on its strength and hold on the chances while minimising its dainties and cut downing its failing. Presently the SWOT for CEB is as follows:

Presently CEB is a governmental organisation with monopoly power and being a regulative organic structure has limitless power in the current market.CEB besides possess alone integrating island broad from administering to bring forthing and retailing, this is a huge strength that CEB possess.

As CEB is a governmental organisation it is indebted to make occupations and this has become a major ground for concern in stakeholder satisfaction, as the powerful trade brotherhood have made strategic determinations hard to implement and transport out without a major work stoppage or revenge by the employees. Sri Lankan is a developing state and there is a great addition in demand for power during the old ages. Giving it an unsaturated market that can bring forth major income in the hereafter.

As the CEB is submerging in organisational and internal issues the dainty such as power larceny from people who delay payments to people who use unethical agencies to avoid paying for the service they used is turning. Besides as CEB generates a batch of power utilizing fuel that has to be imported they face a hazard of exchange rate fluctuations and dealing hazard. This besides is due to the high volatility in the Srilankan Rupee compared to the US dollar which the Oil barrels are purchased in.


Presently CEB is holding many proficient issues due to its undependable power workss around sir Lankan. Overall cost leading scheme, where it gives an uninterrupted flow of service with the lowest possible monetary value. As CEB is a monopoly, there is small to no competition, to be in line with the mission statement of ‘Enrich Life through Power ‘ ( CEB one-year study, 2010 ) CEB must supply the service to all the people in the state and do it low-cost to all consumers. However for CEB to go a cost leader in the Power industry they must hold a sound and stable organisational construction, and should non be in an unfavourable state of affairs devising losingss.

Differentiation schemes for CEB would be making new beginning of power than what it already uses. Presently they use

  • Fossil fuel: 51.7 %
  • hydro: 48.3 %
  • atomic: 0 %
  • other: 0 %

By CEB making alternate beginnings and distinguishing its merchandise by traveling into renewable energy such as air current and solar power, Biomass or even atomic might be able to bear down a premium from the consumers who concerned about conserving the environment.Sri Lankan being a state which needs touristry to hold an influx of foreign modesty demands to conserve its scenic beauty which many other states lack. Thermal, Diesel and crude oil energy pollutes the environment doing server environmental jobs, hence Investing in Nuclear power which is clean beginning of energy will assist continue the beauty and the economic system therefore assisting CEB in the Future.

CEB has many options to take and distinguish its merchandise and service being in an island with abundant of resources. Focus schemes are non the most suitable for CEB as it is a monopoly and has to bring forth, conveyance and retail all the energy demand of the state. This scheme will accommodate a smaller private electricity manufacturer.


CEB presently has a registry client base of around 4.1 million users has possible to derive more in comparing to Sri Lankan pollution of 21 million ( Approximately ) . ( )

So by doing the power more low-cost CEB would be able to increase its Customer base. By deriving Economies of graduated table through the figure of new clients CEB will be able to better the pricing of power. Sri Lankan is a fast developing state with possible and the energy market is non saturated. CEB must do distribution channel to farther metropoliss and town in the rural countries. Constructing towers to transport the electricity will be a good deserving investing as the clients and market has high demand.

The other directional scheme that would be looked at is the Product development. CEB would put in new beginning of energy or do the current beginning of energy more efficient. The other energy beginning as stated above under Poters generic schemes could be adopted to get the better of the current state of affairs of loss devising and inefficiencies in the dodo fuel production of energy.

Divestment schemes

CEB being a State owned establishment has to follow with the governmental ordinance and orders, Thus CEB is doing tremendous losingss and is inefficient. Divestment schemes will assist CEB taken over by a private direction with stockholders therefore holding a better control and involvement over the concern. Divestment could be selling of the direction to a private proprietor or selling assets that being in negative NPV to CEB such as the loss doing power workss Norochcholai and Lakvijaya which would better its loss devising procedures and better the efficiency by holding a more concentrated unit to pull off.

Issues in divestment that CEB faced

  • CEB being a house that has a big pool of labours has really powerful labour brotherhoods which is forestalling Divestment or any other action that will assist better the CEB lose doing state of affairs.
  • CEB could better the Losingss that it ‘s facing by depriving the loss doing power workss such as Norochcholai which give CEB monolithic losingss of 6.5 billion rupees. ( The Sunday leader, 2012 ) nevertheless it ‘s non possible due to the labour brotherhood and the power they hold as stakeholders.
  • CEB could decide many of its jobs by divestment, nevertheless the trade brotherhoods must foremost be dealt with. Some schemes to cover with the labour brotherhoods are:
  1. Pass statute laws – As CEB being a province owned organisation they could go through a statute law to censor illegal work stoppages and break of work and have the the trade and labour brotherhoods pay for the losingss. This would discourage the idea of traveling against the direction determinations. However this could impact the authorities ‘s relationship with the ballot base.
  2. Educated and pass on – portion the vision of the determination of the direction. Make the employees understand the demand for the alteration. This scheme is clip devouring and there ‘s no warrant it would work
  3. Compensate and council – because CEB will be cut downing its labour force they will revenge against the determination, by supplying them a compensation bundle they will be able to understand the determination and assist CEB travel through with the strategic determinations.

Reduce load on exchequer

Presently CEB imports the FUEL needs therefore the Countries shortage is besides increasing in size.

  • Fossil fuel: 51.7 %
  • hydro: 48.3 %
  • atomic: 0 %
  • other: 0 %

Where the hydroelectricity is generated in Sri Lankan but 51.7 % is foreign exchange cut downing in the modesty of the state. Besides Sri Lankan non exporting adequate merchandises means the depletion of modesty are greater than the satiety. The exchange rate fluctuation besides is a ground for the load to increase on the exchequer and the loss of net income to increase in CEB.

CEB should follow a Growth scheme mentioned above and do its sustainable by cut downing the demand for fuel which is imported in $ . This would assist cut down the load on the authorities and the revenue enhancement policies.

CEB should better an farther invest in R & A ; D to place sustainable green energy that will a cheaper beginning of natural stuff that besides could be found within the island of sri Lankan.

Decision and Recommendation

In decision CEB is running at a major loss every twelvemonth due to its direction inefficiencies and the external factors such as Fuel and Exchange rate fluctuations. The most appropriate schemes to get the better of the losingss and the inefficiencies must be to deprive the major loss devising workss that CEB presently operates. This would assist CEB concentrate more on the workss that are running expeditiously and better them. CEB would besides be able to put in a more suited beginning of power like Wind, and Hydro as Sri Lankan is an island and has this resource in copiousness. This type of power beginning will assist CEB go a more sustainable manufacturer with a CSR facet.

Trade brotherhoods power demands to be diluted in order to take CEB from a loss devising house to a more favourable sitatuion.this can be achieved if they educated and counterbalance the work force therefore cut downing the opportunity of the labour force acquiring demotivated and going unproductive.

Having merely a base of about 4.1 million registry users CEB must better its distribution and affordability to clients around the island by decrease the cost and bettering the service. Cost can be reduced through Economies of graduated table by increased figure of users, CEB being the monopoly house in the electricity market they could so derive Economies of graduated table.

Besides harmonizing to Ansoff theory CEB must develop a wider scope of merchandises that will give the consumers a better choice.CEB must develop a more efficient and cost effectual signifier of energy that will be more attractive to its consumers.

Finally this study would be concluded by stating the heavy losingss and high power trade brotherhoods would be stopped one time the inefficiencies and loss devising division are divested by CEB. By utilizing Rational planning procedure to guild the company in choosing and measuring the most appropriate schemes.

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