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Ethnography Report


Words: 1206 (5 pages)

Madison Cerda Interpersonal Communications Ethnography Report Social Penetration Theory October 1, 2012 As I began this assignment I wasn’t completely sure what concept I was going to observe. In result, I went to a location without knowing what exactly I was looking for, I just observed my surroundings immensely. As I sat there in Starbucks…

Primitive Art: Ethnography


Words: 1269 (6 pages)

Shelly Errington presents a critique of the appropriation of non-western object into art with discourses that include descriptions of these objects. She asserts Primitive Art, also known as naïve art, is defined by its simplicity and untrained aspect. It is strongly concerned with patterns, and is sometimes characterized by unrefined and awkward use of color….

Action Research and Autoethnography


Words: 4602 (19 pages)

Each of these methodologies has their own purposes, powers and strengths and both differ from other traditional forms of academic research. To gain an understanding of these methodologies, 1 6 pieces of empirical research have been used. Although two articles are dated back to the sass, the majority of research Is from the sass and…

Ethnographic Interview


Words: 1332 (6 pages)

Ethnographic Interview: Taiwan Culture Experience Vntge Jayne Clark Atlanta University Communication Cultural Diversity, Professor Howell March 14, 2011 PRECONCEPTIONS Culture is the transmission of traditions, customs, norms, beliefs, values and thought patterning across generations (Jandt 2010). The world is home to diverse cultures. In this Ethnographic Interview, I had the opportunity to explore a culture…

Bowling Is a Game of Hitting a Heavy Ball in a Skittles


Words: 986 (4 pages)

Traditionally, bowling has been perceived as a boring activity exclusively enjoyed by older men. Nevertheless, my research concentrated on two leagues in a bowling alley to investigate the different social interactions among players. The results revealed that bowling is not restricted to any particular age group or gender. Furthermore, it was observed that there exists…

Speaking with Names Summary




Words: 480 (2 pages)

The article highlights the importance of ethnographers studying more than just language. Understanding a community’s customs and traditions requires considering the specific land they inhabit. Here are a couple examples of what he says about it. “In other words, one must acknowledge that local understandings Of external realities are fashioned from local cultural materials, and…

Guests of the Sheik: An Ethnography of an Iraqi Village



Words: 1282 (6 pages)

The book “Guests of the Sheik” delves into the life of Fatima, a middle-aged woman residing in El Nahra, Iraq in 1954. She is captivated by an American woman who claims to find happiness by adhering to American customs. Nevertheless, Fatima firmly maintains that Iraqi customs and gender roles surpass those of the United States….

The Many Purposes of Cities


Participant observation

Words: 2613 (11 pages)

Cities exist for many reasons and the diversity of urban form and function can be traced to the complex roles that cities perform. Cities serve as centers of storage, commerce, and industry. The agricultural surplus from the surrounding country hinterland is processed and distributed within the city. Urban areas have also developed around marketplaces, where…

Ethnography- Laura Bohannon


Words: 1402 (6 pages)

Ethnography (from the Greek = nation = writing) refers to the genre of writing that presents qualitative description of human social phenomena, based on fieldwork. Ethnography presents the results of a holistic research method founded on the idea that a system’s properties cannot necessarily be accurately understood independently of each other. “The genre has both…

Writing and Mini Ethnography


Words: 568 (3 pages)

Many anthropologists study their own societies rather than a foreign one. For this assignment, you will apply what we have learned in class to think like an anthropologist studying your own society. 1. Choose a location that you have never been to before. Write down some questions you have about that location concerning what you…

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