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Essays on Femininity

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Assignment on Geert Hofstede




Power distance

Social psychology

Strategic Management

Words: 1610 (7 pages)

Australia is a very friendly and open culture. However, “Giddy” the informal “hello” is overused by tourists. The Australians expect one’s work to speak for itself, so they are not impressed with your position, title, or status. Don’t arrive in town wearing the latest status symbol to announce how important you think you are. Plus,…

Dude You’Re a Fag



Human Sexuality

Interpersonal Relationships

Intimate relationships



Words: 1375 (6 pages)

DUDE YOU’RE A FAG REVIEW BY John Denora High school, the best years of your life with everyday shaping and molding you from a feminine boy to becoming a respectable masculine adult, in truth its surviving everyday without being called a fag. In C. J. Pascoe’s ethnography she examines the dynamics of masculinity carefully exploring…

Shall I Compare my Poem to a Women?






Words: 905 (4 pages)

When we talk about sex we can intend one of two things. One is being physical with person else and two to state whether a individual is a adult male or a adult female. Peoples contain physical features which distinguishes them from either being adult male or adult females. The sex of person is what…

Womb as Oasis: Pharaonic Circumcision in Rural Sudan Summary

Female Genital Mutilation


Human Sexuality



Words: 634 (3 pages)

Janice Boddy introduces the term “Pharanoic circumsison”. This is a term used not only in literature, but also by the Sudanese. It is very much like the western term “female circumcision”. In Pharaonic circumcision, the clitoris and labia minora are removed. The labia majora is sewn closed, leaving a small opening at the vulva for…

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