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Essays on Feminist movement

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womens triumphs and tragedies

Feminist movement


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Before the women’s movements in the United States, women who were treated unfairly and not given any equal rights as men had suffered great tragedy. There tragedy was the way the society had treated them cruelly such as 1women once only had the option of teaching, and nursing, as career opportunities. Women would usually have…

Analysis of Movie “Stepford Wives”

Feminist movement

Movie Review

Words: 811 (4 pages)

The late 1950’s and early 1960’s in America saw a shift in the American lifestyle sparked by increased civil rights activism, and following the end of WWII, peacetime put pressure on the social policies. The Women’s Liberation Movement was a key factor in thissuch change. The standard lifestyle of married women in 1950’s America mirrored…

Should Female Contruction Workers Earn the Same Wages as Male

Feminist movement


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Ever since women have been able to vote, there have been more rights for women everywhere in America. Somehow in construction working, women get lower paid than men. Should they be paid the same as men? The working area is the same, so why is it that women have lower payments because of their gender?…

Where the Girls are Growing up Female With the Mas

Feminist movement

Growing Up

Words: 642 (3 pages)

s MediaIn Where the girls are: Growing Up Female With the Mass Media, Susan Douglas analyses the effects of mass media on women of the nineteen fifties, and more importantly on the teenage girls of the baby boom era. Douglas explains why women have been torn in conflicting directions and are still struggling today to…

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