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Food Safety Is Still a Big Concern Across the Nation

Food Safety

Foodborne illness



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While the food supply in the USA is one of the safest in the world, food safety is still a big concern across the nation. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), about 48 million people get sick due to foodborne illness each year, among them 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die…

Foodborne Illnesses Are One of the Primary Public Health Concerns


Food Safety

Foodborne illness


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Foodborne illnesses are one of the primary public health concerns because it contributes significantly to the cost of healthcare and can potentially be life-threatening. In recent years, food has received more attention because of the rising food safety and public health concern. Foods contain a large number of pathogens that can be transmitted through contact…

Food Safety Is a Major Public Health Issue

Food Safety

Foodborne illness

Healthy Eating

Healthy Food

Words: 547 (3 pages)

Food safety is a major public health issue, without food safety measures, the population will be at risk for foodborne illness. It is estimated that roughly 1 in 6 Americans or 48 million people get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die of foodborne illness (CDC, 2018). Food safety is all measures to ensure that…

Food Can Get Contaminated Any Time in the Food Production Chain

Environment Pollution

Food Safety

Foodborne illness


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This year, at least 1 in 6 Americans will suffer from food poisoning. The elderly, children, pregnant women and those with weak immune systems have a higher risk on getting sick although, anyone can still suffer from food poisoning. The CDC works to improve food safety by tracking foodborne illnesses and works with the health…

Food Safety Illness


Food Safety

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Scenario 1: Jeremiah went grocery shopping on a hot summer day. He bought food for an upcoming family BBQ; ground beef for hamburgers, a couple of steaks, and the ingredients for making potato salad. When he left the store, he put his groceries in the trunk and stopped by the sports outlet store to pick…

The Truth About Food Expiration Dates


Food Safety


Words: 4642 (19 pages)

The dates on food labels can be confusing. The truth is, they often have nothing to do with food safety. Here’s what you really need to know. The date, which is provided voluntarily by the manufacturer, tells you how long the product is likely to remain at its absolute best quality when unopened. After the…

Meet food safety requirements when providing food and drink


Food Safety

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All surfaces and equipment must be cleaned properly after use. Lack of hygiene can cause cross-contamination and food poisoning. 1. 2) The main reason for implementing food safety measures is to keep individuals from becoming ill due to food not being prepared properly. If food is not prepared in the correct circumstances, there is chance…

New Standards for a New Era: The International Organization for Standardization


Food Safety


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The International Organization for Standardization was founded on 23 February 1947; the organization focuses on promoting worldwide proprietary, industrial and commercial standards. In the United States, the concern over food safety began in the late asses but did not come into force until 1906 with the formation of the Pure Food and Drug Act. Over…

A Critical Analysis of the American Food System

Food Industry

Food Safety

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Key Norms of the US that are sustainable and those that are not The United States as a country has various norms of its culture, some of which are sustainable while others are not. These norms play a very crucial role in governing the members of the society. Some sustainable norms or values of the…

The Long-term Health Benefits Of A More Healthy Food: Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act

Food Safety


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Americans know that fruits and vegetables are a healthy source of nutrition, this knowledge is offset by the food industry’s $2 billion campaign that teaches young people to desire highly processed junk foods. Feeding America estimates that elementary school students only receive about 3.4 hours of nutritional education per year. Working hand in hand with…

Frequently Asked Questions about Food Safety

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What is food safety in your own words?
What is Food Safety? Food safety refers to routines in the preparation, handling, and storage of food meant to prevent foodborne illness and injury. From farm to factory to fork, food products may encounter any number of health hazards during their journey through the supply chain.
What is the importance of food safety essay?
Food safety is the level of safety and sanitation of foods from food borne illnesses, illnesses received from eating food that contains germs, bacteria, or viruses. Food safety is very important because there are people all over the world who have received illnesses by eating food that is not safe.
Why food safety is important in our daily life?
Access to sufficient amounts of safe and nutritious food is key to sustaining life and promoting good health. Unsafe food containing harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites or chemical substances, causes more than 200 diseases – ranging from diarrhoea to cancers.

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