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Forensic Psychology Essays

Forensic Tools and Techniques – EnCase & XRY

Section 1 – Forensic Software Evaluation Encase by Guidance Software EnCase by Guidance Software is an industry-standard computer investigation solution. It provides forensic practitioners with useful features to assist them with efficient, forensically sound data collection and investigation using a repeatable process. EnCase provides useful tools for data acquisition, file recovery and indexing/search file parsing. …

The Scientific Method Applied to Forensic Science

The Scientific Method Applied to Forensic Science Introduction Forensic science is a field of endeavor where the fundamental techniques and principles in the basic sciences like in Chemistry, Biology, and Physics are all integrated to facilitate the search for a logical solution for various crimes (Inman and Rudin, 2000). Forensic scientists patiently work hand-in-hand with …

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Forensic Psychology

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Forensics Serology

                                                           Forensics Serology Introduction Forensic Serology is defined by Bowman, Labbe and Mullings as “the science that deals with the identification, isolation, characterization of blood and bodily fluids from the victim, suspect, and the environment of the crime scene for the purpose of comparison to the known standards” (quoted, Olshaker, Smock, Jackson, p.235). It is …

Forensic Science module 11 review

1. What is toxicology? Toxicology is the study of substances that cause adverse effects in humans or other organisms. 2. Who was Mathieu Orfila? Mathieu Orfila was a Spanish born-chemist who published one of the first written works dedicated to the topic of poisons and medications. 3. What is strychnine? What symptoms does it cause? …

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