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Pain, Loneliness, and Complicated: Motherless Daughters


Words: 932 (4 pages)

Imagine growing up in a world that does not include mothers. How can adolescent girls grow up without her mom? Here is the story of a girl; her and her mommy basically always had that best friend relationship. Mom always gave her opinion when it came to buying clothes, problems at school, and anything she…

Comparison of “The Skater” and “The Lonely Land”




Words: 1473 (6 pages)

Introduction When we read poetry we have to realize that the words written cannot be taken without context. The words being written are a manifestation of the poets life and beliefs. The theme, the style is all dependent on the poet and the presentation of his life and beliefs. So before stepping into any critical…

Causes of Loneliness


Words: 391 (2 pages)

People feel lonely because they don’t have the required friendships that they need. Poets described feelings of being isolated, lacking social support, feeling invisible, or feeling that no one around understands what that person is going through. So in essence, lonely individuals (like everyone else) need friendships, friends who would take notice of them, understand…

The Theme of Loneliness in “Hell-Heaven” Analysis



Words: 707 (3 pages)

Being married often offers no protection of the dangers of being lonely. Naturally, over time, marriages begin to lose the love and affection that was once there, but continue to stay in the marriage without trying to salvage it. During one’s moments of loneliness and isolation, marriages begin to lose their spark and result in…

The Side of Loneliness


Words: 1218 (5 pages)

(An interpretation and Evaluation of William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily”)             There is no such thing as perfect in the aspect of life and living. However, there is happiness and sadness to accompany us throughout our endeavors and journey. Furthermore, there is something that we must understand in life. A person living alone does…

The Concept of Loneliness in the “Of Mice and Men”



Words: 1256 (6 pages)

In Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck uses the very interesting and unique setting of Soledad, California. Soledad is Spanish for the word “loneliness” which is one of the major themes throughout the novel. He uses loneliness as a way to teach the readers how meaningful human interaction is and how much it can affect a…

The Impact of Loneliness on Health



Words: 1375 (6 pages)

“2010 study concluded that weak social connections are associated with a reduction in lifespan similar to the effect of smoking 15 cigarettes a day.” Social isolation leads to depression and violent behavior. In the novel, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, the creature suffered from social isolation which led him to act out of violence and murder…

Ethan Frome and The Fear of Abandonment Analysis



Words: 1516 (7 pages)

When analyzing the characters in any novel, the reader seeks to understand the influences in which shape how the character lives their life and the choices in which they make and why. The psychoanalytical and biographical approach is brought forward in the text based on the experiences in which Wharton has experienced throughout her life….

The Well Of Loneliness


Words: 742 (3 pages)

IS THE WELL OF LONELINESS A CLASSIC OF LESBIAN LITERATURE? Radcliffe Hall’s novel, The Well of Loneliness, depicts the girlhood and womanhood of a non-conventional woman, Stephen Gordon, who after assuming her natural inversion during her adolescence, fights to find a place in the world. After fulfilling partially her aspirations by serving in I World…

“Sorry for Disturbing You” by Richard Knightdeals



Words: 813 (4 pages)

.Being alone is something that some people voluntarilychose to be, while loneliness is an involuntary eternal state that hurts its offer. When feeling lonely, you feel that you do not really belong anywhere, and that no one really appreciates you. At worst, it can make you feel, that no one would miss you if you…

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Why is loneliness important?
A 2015 meta-review of 70 studies found loneliness increases the risk of mortality by 26 percent1. "The risk associated with social isolation and loneliness is comparable with well-established risk factors for mortality," like obesity, substance abuse, and mental health, the study reported. Read More:
What is loneliness essay?
Being alone is a fleeting transient notion, while loneliness is one of the harshest feelings people can feel and suffer from. ... The problem is that loneliness can become a cause of such terrible actions, as suicide, falling into depression or even trying to hurt close people or strangers.
How do you describe loneliness?
One common description of loneliness is the feeling we get when our need for rewarding social contact and relationships is not met. But loneliness is not always the same as being alone. You may choose to be alone and live happily without much contact with other people, while others may find this a lonely experience.

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