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Agoraphobia: Definition, Classification and Elimination


Words: 1235 (5 pages)

A phobic disorder is marked by a persistent and irrational fear of an object or situation that presents no realistic danger. Agoraphobia is an intense, irrational fear or anxiety occasioned by the prospect of having to enter certain outdoor locations or open spaces. For example, busy streets, busy stores, tunnels, bridges, public transportation and cars….

Origin and Causes of Fear and Phobias


Words: 689 (3 pages)

Fear And Phobias What is your greatest fear? Do you know the answer? A lot of people don’t. We just know that we sometimes feel fear and most people don’t like it. Sometimes, people like the feeling of fear. Have you ever heard the term “adrenaline junkie”? That’s those people that like fear. In this…

Informative speech on phobias

Informative Speech


Words: 525 (3 pages)

After researching Phobias I have found that to understand them you must know about IV. The different types, the causes and effects, and treatments of phobias Body: different types . First thing you need to know that there is no limit to phobias. Phobias can be made from anything you mind thinks of. Although the…

Claustrophobia Is a Psychopathological Symptom, a Phobia of Confined or Cramped Spaces



Words: 1223 (5 pages)

Claustrophobia is one of the disorders related in anxiety occurrence. This condition is classified as the fear of being closed in small rooms or spaces. This poses problems for varying individuals and most of the time interferes with the normal lifestyle of a person. This kind situation is very evident in various individuals that search…

Freud’s Interpretation of Little Hans’ Phobia

Oedipus complex


Words: 1445 (6 pages)

Little Hans was a 5-year-old boy with a phobia of horses. Like all clinical case studies, the primary aim was to treat the phobia. However, Freud’s therapeutic input in this case was minimal, and a secondary aim was to explore what factors might have led to the phobia in the first place, and what factors…

Psychological Disorders: Acrophobia

Panic attack


Words: 603 (3 pages)

Acrophobia There are literally thousands of different types of Psychological disorders among the most common are phobias. Phobia is the suffix meaning “Fear of”. Acrophobia, the psychological disorder that makes patients feels incredibly uneasy being any amount of distance from the ground depending on the severity of the condition. When Acrophobia kicks in it causes…

Using classical conditioning to desensitize people to their phobias



Words: 323 (2 pages)

Over the past 100 years, numerous experiments and studies were conducted to investigate classical conditioning, one of the most famous study being that of “Little Albert”, which resulted in the young boy in question being left with a strong fear towards anything which resembled a white rat. This study is a prime example of how…

Does Claustrophobia cause people to deviate from confined areas



Words: 2348 (10 pages)

Does Claustrophobia Cause People to Deviate from Confined Areas?References Does Claustrophobia cause people to deviate from confined areas? The independent variable is claustrophobia, and the dependent variable is the confined areas. Our hypothesis to this question is yes claustrophobia can be cured and reduced by cognitive behavioral therapy. The issue of claustrophobia is very important…

Relationship Between Stress, Anxiety, Habits and Phobias





Words: 1829 (8 pages)

Acute Stress: Generally identified as stress, symptoms comprise of tension and physical disturbances such as sleep. This is treaTABLE within about 6 weeks with hypnotherapy, Episodic Acute Stress: More severe and long term which can cause symptoms such as migraines, stroke, heart attack and Castro disorders such as BIBS. This can be treated you must…

Homophobia: a Definition



Words: 3961 (16 pages)

Even well-educated people seem not to know what the word “homophobia” actually means outside the political arena where the word is said to be nothing but an empty political charge. I’m sure that the charge of homophobia is sometimes made purely as a political tactic. But that fact should not make us blind to the…

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How do you start a phobia essay?
Gradually expose yourself to what you fear. Write the easiest part of the essay first — start with your name or the title. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Then write the next easiest part and so on, all the way to submitting. Read More:
Is there a phobia of essays?
Fear of Writing Phobia – Graphophobia or Scriptophobia. Scriptophobia is the extreme fear of writing in public. The word Scriptophobia is derived from the Latin word script meaning writing and phobos which is the Greek word for fear or dread.
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Noun His fear of crowds eventually developed into a phobia.

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