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Too Poor to Parent?

Foster care


Words: 2026 (9 pages)

Now the smell was unbearable, and Lisa feared for the health and safety of her two young children. When the caseworker arrived, she observed that the apartment had no lights and that food was spoiling in the refrigerator. Lisa explained that she did not have the money to pay her electric bill that month, but…

Motherhood in Beloved and A Mercys

Foster care


Words: 354 (2 pages)

“It takes a village to raise a child” is a quote that rings true in the African and African-American community. Starting with one’s African roots and transcending to slavery, it was not uncommon for a woman who was not the biological parent of a child to raise him/her as if he/she were her very own…

Personal Beliefs of Family Values and Responsibilities

Foster care


Words: 1142 (5 pages)

On Tuesday, August 28th we did an in-class assignment on our personal beliefs, regarding the definition of family. I had not personally evaluated my philosophy on family prior to this class period, so my mind started rolling immediately. Why was it that I considered two heterosexual males caring for their children together more of a…

Case Study Marilyn Monroe

Foster care

Marilyn Monroe

Words: 997 (4 pages)

I have chosen to do my case study paper on Norma Jeane Mortensen Baker, better known as Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn was born on June 1, 1926, in Los Angeles, California. She was born to Gladys Mortenson Baker, a single mother and never did learn the true identity of her father. Gladys suffered from psychiatric issues…

Social Studies SBA: Montego Bay Analysis

Foster care


Words: 1609 (7 pages)

First of all I would like to thank the heavenly Father for giving me the health and strength to do this School Based Assessment (SBA), without him nothing is possible. The successful completion of this study would not have been possible without the assistance and cooperation of the number of person. Consequently, I would like…

Care vs. Rule Based Ethics


Foster care

Words: 708 (3 pages)

I chose choice two of this exercise which is dealing with the drug addicted parents who put their child up for adoption. This is a delicate situation that seems to be becoming more and more prevalent. I have chosen to look at this problem using Care-based ethics, as well as Rule-based ethics. These two types…

Abortion: Pregnancy and Supply Rebuttal Arguments


Foster care

Words: 475 (2 pages)

A qualifier concedes that all or part of your claim can be rebutted, but it asserts that it is still reasonable in most cases. ) Original entitlement: Abortion should be legalized because women or partners could have had an accident that led to the pregnancy. Claim: Abortion should be legalized in California. Stated Reason: Because…

Adoption Argumentative


Foster care

Words: 949 (4 pages)

Should same sex couples adopt children? In today’s society many families are not your traditional family consisting of a father, a mother, and their children. They are now composed of step parents, half siblings, foster parents, step slings and even adopted siblings and parents. Adoption has become significantly more popular than ever before. According to…

Transactional Adoption (TARA) in United States Argumentative Essay


Foster care

Words: 709 (3 pages)

Transactional adoption also known as TARA, is defined as the adoption of children of a different race or culture from their adoptive parents, has been a controversial issue in the United States. Social workers are usually the one that match the child with the ‘parents” when it comes to adoption. The number of adoptive parents…

Family Preservation Services


Foster care

Words: 2764 (12 pages)

Introduction Reform of the policies and systems that provide services to families and children is underway throughout the nation (Fraser, Pecora, & Haapala, 1991). Public agencies, not-for-profit agencies, for-profit companies, and grassroots organizations are developing new service approaches, integrating services across traditionally separate domains, and collaborating with new partners to demonstrate the potential of reform…

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Frequently Asked Questions about Foster care

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What are the effects of foster care?
Children who have been in the U.S. foster care system are at a significantly higher risk of mental and physical health problems — ranging from learning disabilities, developmental delays and depression to behavioral issues, asthma and obesity — than children who haven't been in foster care, according to a University of ...
What is foster care Short answer?
Foster care is full-time substitute care of children outside their own home by people other than their biological or adoptive parents or legal guardians.
Why is foster care a problem?
Being removed from their home and placed in foster care is a difficult and stressful experience for any child. Many of these children have suffered some form of serious abuse or neglect. About 30% of children in foster care have severe emotional, behavioral, or developmental problems.
Why is foster care important?
A foster care home, whether with a single parent or couple, affords a child the opportunity to develop healthy emotional intimacy, trust, self-esteem and the opportunity to learn valuable life skills. A foster parent's most important role for the duration of the child's stay is to be that of a teacher and/or mentor.

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