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Should same sex couples adopt children? In today’s society many families are not your traditional family consisting of a father, a mother, and their children. They are now composed of step parents, half siblings, foster parents, step slings and even adopted siblings and parents. Adoption has become significantly more popular than ever before. According to Accept Adoptions, in 2002, there were a total of 20,099 adoptions from all countries. To date, this was the largest number of international adoptions in U. S. History.

Between 1992 and 1998, international adoptions rose from 6,500 to more than 15,000. Many couples, parents, and single adults are relying on adoption to have children for many different reasons. Some women are unable to have children while others would like to help out children who do not have a family of their own. Gay adoption is when two people of the same sex adopt a child together and create their own family. Do you think that same sex adoption is okay? Is it ethical or morally correct? Will it affect the child’s social development? Do you think It’s fair to the child?

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Can those two parents provide the same amount of love and nurture as two parents of the opposite sex? We live In a very Judgmental society. Other people may tell their children that It’s not normal to have two parents of the same sex. The child may be made fun of In school for having two moms or two dads. Families with two parents of the same sex may receive dirty looks, may be treated differently, or even threatened. But is it worth it? A child is always going to face discrimination and be picked on by other children. Our society is very corrupt.

If another parent or child cannot make fun of their because of the sexual orientation, they will make fun of them for their weight, their appearance, their social status, or even their family. F a child has homosexual parents they will not be made fun of or picked on anymore than if they have two parents of a different race or two parents who are overweight or poor. Our society always finds ways to put down families or put In any way shape or form that they can. According to the child adoption statistics, there are over 400,000 children that are In the united States foster care system.

About 100,000 of those children are walling to be adopted and permanently placed in a stable home. Children who are in foster care spend an average of two years in the system. Every child needs a home, whether it is a home tit a mother and father, a single parent, or two parents of the same sex. A stable home is a stable home no matter who provides the stability. A child should not be denied a home because of the fact that it will have two parents of the same sex. There should be no reference to sex or sexuality when a child is considered for adoption.

What matters is the commitment to provide a caring and loving home for that child. According to a 2000 census, only 24% of homes consisted of a mother and father who were married with children who lived at home. This shows that most children do not live with both of their parents. If one parent Is allowed to raise a child on their own, then two parents should be allowed to raise a child as well. There has been proof that a child raised In a home with a single parent has more disadvantages, such as a lower education and behavioral issues.

By having a There is no proof that a homosexual parent is less stable or less knowledgeable then heterosexual parent. A home with two parents is always much better for a child or children than a home with one parent. Many people argue that it is not morally correct to allow a child to be raised by a gay or lesbian couple, but is it morally correct to deny a suffering child of a home? There is unfortunately a shortage of adoptive parents. Any couple or person who is willing to adopt should be accepted and allowed to provide love, stability, compassion, and a home for the child.

For a Child to be able to live in a home with a family is much better than living in the foster-care system. Scientific studies have shown that children who grow up in a gay or lesbian household are emotionally and socially equal to children who live in a home with heterosexual parents. It is said that gay couples influence a child’s decision to become homosexual, but many children who are raise by heterosexual arenas turn out to be homosexual as well. A homosexual couple has to fight for their rights. They have to work even harder toward becoming parents than a heterosexual couple.

This shows their determination and emotional commitment to one another. This will provide a household that is more emotionally stable for the Children. By not allowing, protesting, and banning gay adoption we are only hurting the children. We are denying them of a home. These children are waiting to be adopted and their only dreams are of having a family who loves and cares for them. A child needs love, affection, stability, compassion and to be cared for. We should allow anyone to provide a child what he or she needs.

Anyone who goes through the adoption process is a very dedicated person. They are willing to do whatever to become a parent and provide a good life for the child. Whether or not the couple is gay should not affect their eligibility to adopt a child or children.

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